Scouting Landscape Photography Locations With Virtual Reality

For any landscape photographer who prioritizes getting the money shot over serendipitously stumbling on a picturesque scene, using apps to predict the weather and to visualize an image is a foundational aspect of their workflow. While there are some incredibly useful apps out there, there isn't much that could beat being able to virtually travel to a location and time.

When Do Pro Photographers Upgrade Their Kit?

Buying a new camera when photography is your hobby is a pretty straightforward decision. If you want it and you can afford it, go and buy it. However, once it becomes your profession, it can be a tad more complicated.

How to Get an Impressive Red Sky in Your Landscape Photos

You've probably seen the photos featuring a landscape with an intense red sky. There is a simple but effective way of achieving such a photo even when the colors are only a small band at the horizon.

How to Isolate and Edit a Sky Using Photoshop

When it comes to landscape photography, the sky is a crucial part of almost every image and something that you will spend a good proportion of time working on in post. If you are looking to improve your sky edits a bit, this helpful video tutorial will show you both how to isolate and process them in Photoshop.

The Nikon Coolpix B600: Everything You Need to Know About the Camera Market In One Camera

Nikon quietly — or maybe not so quietly given the press — announced the demise of the innocuously named Coolpix B600, a product name that just trips off the tongue and screams cheap and cheerful. What is startling about this camera is that it only hit the market in December 2020. Some eight months later it has bitten the dust. Why is this and what does it say about the camera market?

Two Years With the Sony a7R IV: Is It the Camera for You?

The Sony a7R IV has the highest resolution of any full frame camera ever, combined with a range of advanced features and capabilities, making it an intriguing option for landscape, portrait, and architectural photographers or anyone looking for a ton of detail in their images. If you have been considering the camera for your own work, check out this great video review that takes a look at how it holds up after a few years of usage.

Edit Video Faster With These 10 Tips

Editing video can be a cumbersome and drawn-out task depending on the type of shoot. However, there are always ways to smooth out and streamline your workflow that can make a world of difference. Here are 10 tips from a professional filmmaker.

Photography Education: Formal or Self-Taught?

As an educator working in the college sector, I find this topic incredibly interesting. There is so much information out there that we can digest. So, what's the way forward?

GoPro HERO 10 Overheating After 20 Minutes of Recording

Multiple reports describe that the newly announced GoPro HERO 10 camera overheats after just 20 minutes of recording. Overheating seems to occur in both high resolutions 5K capture modes and even in lower resolutions of 4K and 2K capture modes. This could prove to be a major problem if it cannot be fixed through a firmware upgrade.

A Look at Three Apps for Editing Photos on Your iPad

Apple's iPad line, particularly the iPad Pro, is more powerful than ever and features fantastic displays paired with useful accessories for creatives on the go, making them a more viable solution for post-processing work than ever before. If you are thinking of editing your photos on your iPad and wondering where to start, this great video will show you three editing applications and discuss their pros and cons to get you up and running in no time.

3 Reasons the Canon RF 28-70mm f/2 Is My Favorite Lens of All Time

For the longest time, my favorite lens on any camera system was a 35mm wide-aperture prime. The focal length forced me to get "in the action" for impactful portraits, yet it was wide enough to capture wide angle scenes. But a new lens has recently won my heart and assumed the top spot in my kit. In this video and article, I'll be walking through a photoshoot while demonstrating why the Canon RF 28-70mm f/2 lens is my favorite lens of all time.

The Helpful Advice Every New Wedding Photographer Should Heed

Wedding photography is a highly challenging genre, requiring the ability to put your creativity and technical skills to the test in a variety of quickly evolving scenarios, all with no second chances. As such, when you are new to it, it can feel a bit overwhelming to all take in. However, this helpful video tutorial offers some great advice that will get you on the right track.

The Beauty of Rain for Landscape Photography

Most of us do not particularly enjoy being out in the rain, especially with expensive camera equipment, but enduring the elements can bring about magical moments if you are willing to put in the time and effort. The neat video follows a photographer as bad weather rolls in and shows the interesting images he was able to create.

Fstoppers Reviews Haida’s NanoPro Magnetic Kit: Essential Filters Made Easy

While there are dozens of options for filters, covering different effects, sizes, and manufacturers, I’ve found that I only need a few key filters for a landscape shoot. I like to use neutral density filters and circular polarizers, both of which are impactful and less easy to replicate in software. Haida’s NanoPro line has delivered great results in my past experience — can their magnetic filter line deliver the same quality?

Off-Camera Flash for Beginners

Learning artificial lighting is something that strikes fear in the heart of a lot of photographers, but it does not have to be a scary, unknown thing. If you are new to working with off-camera flash, this helpful video tutorial will get you up and running in no time.

A 50mm f/0.95 Full Frame Lens for Under $400?

As secondary lens manufacturers keep cropping up, they appear to be racing each other to who can make the most impressive lens with the lowest price tag. This is a race I can get on board with.

Replacing Strobes With Constant LED Lighting

Strobes are at the core of any serious studio photographer's kit, mainly because they're cheap and powerful. However, as you can see from this video, constant LED lights are catching up fast and are now a real option for anyone looking to try something different with their portrait work.

Increase Blur to Sharpen Better?

With all the sharpening techniques available to you in Photoshop, sometimes, it can be hard to find the right one for you to use. And I am always amazed when someone finds a new way of doing something that we all thought we understood.

Does the Canon EOS R3 Overheat Like the EOS R5?

One of the Canon EOS R5's headline features was its 8K raw video capabilities, but with all that video horsepower came the caveat of issues with overheating, some of which could be a hindrance in professional environments. So, has the EOS R3 solved those issues, or will filmmakers need to tailor the workflows around keeping the camera cool? This great video puts the new camera through a stress test to find out.

3 Ways to Make Money With Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is a tricky genre in which to make money, as unlike most other genres, there is rarely a direct relationship in which a client pays you for a specific brief. As such, making money with it can be a bit trickier than in other cases. This great video tutorial will give you three ideas to make some money with your work.

Researchers Create Nano Camera Held Together With Molecular Glue

It is easy to get hung up on the artistic side of photography and forget about how significant the craft is in the sciences. Now, researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a camera so minuscule that it allows the observation of chemical reactions in real-time.

What Does Photography Mean to You?

A great deal of ink is spilled on these interwebs talking about the latest in photography gear and what you should or should not buy. But photography means more than just technology.

The Reality Bending Tool in Adobe Photoshop That Gets Overlooked

Adobe Photoshop has had so many features added in the last few years that it's easy to miss some that could be helpful to your work. The Puppet Warp tool is one that I regularly forget exists, but for compositing and more artistic post-production, it can be superb.

The Most Important Thing in Your Photography

There is so much to think about and keep track of in photography, even more so if it is your career. As such, it can be easy to get caught up thinking about the wrong thing or focusing too much on something at the expense of another. It is important to remember what really matters at the end of the day, and this worthwhile video discusses that.