Would You Pay for a Firmware Upgrade?

Firmware is the magical sauce that turns the manual operation of your camera in to a fully digital supercomputer, controlling the high precision mechanical instrumentation, making it a thing of artistry. More amazingly, this fundamental component of your camera is fully replaceable. Would you pay for an upgrade?

A Long-Term Review of the Sony a9

When the Sony a9 first came out, it was hailed as a massive step forward and a challenger of Canon's flagship 1D X Mark II and Nikon's flagship D5 at a lower price than both. And although it looked amazing on paper and in early reviews, questions about its longevity remained. After almost two years, this great video discusses how the a9 has fared over the long-term.

A Look at Lisa Folino's Fine Art Series Arrow of Time

For many of us, the tragic event at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris served as a stark reminder of how fragile and delicate the remnants of our human past can be. Whether globally historic or personally sentimental, we are all connected to the past. It helps give meaning to the present, and invariably helps to shape the future. With this in mind, I feel it timely to introduce fine art photographer Lisa Folino.

How Much Video Resolution Do You Actually Need?

In the last decade or so, video resolutions have exploded and show no signs of stopping, particularly as 8K is starting to make its way to market. But at what point have you reached more resolution than you really need? This great video takes a look at the history of video resolutions and what you need as a filmmaker.

Critique the Community Hot Lights

Hot Lights
Submit your best image taken with a constant light for your chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial

Some photographers claim to shoot only natural light while others depend largely on their strobes. This episode of Critique the Community is for those images shot only with constant light. 

Submission Deadline:
May 1st 2019 - 11:45pm