Polar Pro Releases New Filters for Professionals: Meet Basecamp and Summit

Filters are an essential part of any professionals toolkit and Polar Pro has built up a great name over the past few years in the filter industry. From the ease of use, quality, and performance of their products, Polar Pro is expanding into new realms to help filmmakers and photographers at a higher level.

Summit Filters

Summit filters are for photographers who want to get some more detail in their photos. This is not a filter you just screw on the front of your lens, it is a whole attachment with specialized glass that sits on the front of your lens. The Summit is a lightweight filter kit that requires absolutely no tools, you can add polarizers, ND filters, and thread plates to fit your lenses. Below are some photographs with and without filters.

No Filter
Polar Pro Circular Polarizer

No Filter
Polar Pro CP + ND8-GR + ND64

Basecamp Filters

Basecamp filters are matte boxes for videographers who are looking for a lighter setup minus all the tools. Basecamp comes with all of the accessories you need for a DSLR or cinema camera, along with plenty of options for ND's, clamp rings and thread plates. Weighing in at under 300 grams, this can be a new filter solution to the people who dare to use Polar Pro.

From my experience with Polar Pro over the past few years, I would love to try out some of this newer glass. All of the filters I have owned for my Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, Mavic 2 Pro, and Inspire 2 all help make my footage look so much better than when I shoot without a filter. The color tones are beautiful and the CP reduces a lot of the harsher light in my photos/video. When I move up to a larger system, this is definitely something I am personally going to try.

For more about Polar Pro and their filters, check out their website.

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Felix C's picture

The fact that you cannot use a filter unless it's from Polar Pro is a non-starter for me. There are some filters that only certain companies produce which you would not be able to use on this system.