Check Out This Photographer's Incredible Dedication to Getting the Shot

Some genres need remarkable levels of patience along with all the usual requirements regarding creativity and technique to get the shot. How long could you wait to get the image you wanted? This photographer waited multiple days for the perfect photo, and as this video shows, the results were worth the wait. 

Coming to you from Stefano Ianiro, this neat video follows him as he spends multiple days chasing down a saw-whet owl. The journey begins when Ianiro randomly selects the species and dedicates himself to searching for one until he gets a shot, and that drive is tested as the hunt stretches on for multiple days, but when he finally finds one, the images are beautiful. At an average length of about 7 inches (18 cm) and an average weight of 80 g (2.8 oz), saw-whets are some of the smallest owls in North America, increasing the difficulty of finding one. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed not only watching Ianiro's journey, but seeing his enthusiasm throughout the process was a wonderful reminder that in an age of fast results and instant gratification, the willingness to slow down and dedicate yourself to a single shot like this can be tremendously rewarding. Check out the video above to see Ianiro's incredible dedication and the results. 

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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Now imagine the size of his carbon footprint while driving to random locations in a search of the owl.

Err, I didn't see him driving, nor do we know what he drives if he even did, nor am I particularly worried about the driving habits of a lone bird photographer when 100 companies alone are responsible for 71% of the world's carbon footprint.

He mentioned he had to get to multiple locations. I'm pretty sure he was not riding a horse...

It's easy to point a finger at Exxon or Shell while buying gas for your SUV, right? ;)

I don't drive an SUV (in fact, I use an electric scooter for most things) and we don't know that he does either. Assuming the worst of people doesn't help anything.

Good for you Alex :)
There is a chance I could be wrong, but to me it sounded like he was trying really hard to find that lonely bird in multiple locations. The bird wouldn't benefit if he spent a tank of gas to get to those locations, and if he did it - it's a tremendous waste for no reason.

The birds are in serious danger. Many of them won't survive +3C unfortunately... Everybody should take responsibility. Shell and Exxon are pumping oil NOT for their CEOs to drink it instead of coffee.

You know what's killing thousands of birds, especially raptors, per year? WINDMILL FARMS AND SOLAR FARMS. It ain't all roses and unicorns in the alternative world. And just wait until the mines start to open up in North America to mine lithium. Those battery cars aren't going to be quite so appealing. Right now, the mining is done in the third world for the most part, so we in the 'first world' are blind to it. It's going to happen right here in Manitoba not far from Winnipeg. Manitoba sits on a large lithium deposit and now that it's in such demand, it will be fiscally sound to mine it here. Careful what you wish for.

Thanks to the climate change deniers and conspiracy theorists like you the future generations will not have future. Let's all fight windmills, right?

Well, at least I know where you stand on killing birds. You're the one that brought up birds being in danger. I guess killing a few thousand birds is acceptable collateral damage.

You deflect the fact that green initiatives aren't the be all, end all that you believe they are. Besides, was it you that decided that the climate as it is today is how it's supposed to be? Are you smarter than Einstein? The climate is not static, it's dynamic...always has been, always will be. I don't deny the climate is changing. What I do find absolutely absurd is the fact the there are humans that think they can place a working thermostat on Mother Earth. That is arrogance in the extreme.

And how long do you think it would be before the entity that could control the climate would weaponize it? Think about that for a few seconds. One group controlling the climate. That should send chills down your spine. That's the cruel facts. The world has a lot of evil people that would do ANYTHING to get that sort of ultimate weapon.

In the end, ALL energy production should be pursued, especially nuclear, not just the ones that make you happy.

Compare a few thousand birds with millions of birds. Thousands of species extinct. Billions of people displaced. Does it still sound like a small difference to you?
Care to present your climate scientist credentials so I know who am I talking to?

Many of those 100 companies are oil and gas producers, who aren't actually the ones "responsible" for carbon emissions. Their end customers, like this bird photographer, who buy and burn their products are.

Carbon footprint? Pretty much next to NIL. Definitely, not worst than:

1. Driving kids to school, everyday
2. Driving to work, everyday
3. Grocery shopping
4. Clothes shopping
5. Having computer/computer parts/food/anything delivered
6. Meeting for dinner and drinks
7. Roadtrips

Only footprints I see from the video:
You're gonna hate me. I drive approximately 15K - 20K miles a year, and…I work from home as a data analyst. I love driving. Sorry, not sorry. :)

Yes, there’s nothing to be proud in your case.

And no, it’s not the same as grocery shopping. The reason for his trips is to chase and photograph one tiny bird, basically contributing to its instruction. Good job, clap, clap, clap… ;)

The vast majority of travel is less than 5km. As someone who actually does walk and cycle (including putting a backpack on and walking to the supermarket), and who sees almost no one walking, fair to say you've pissed me off a little.

Yeah, personal responsibility applies to the activity everyone else does, but driving down the road to do the shopping is different (because what, you're too lazy to walk for that one?)

And for the record, I do drive to locations to shoot.

Oh, hell yeah! There's lots to be proud of exercising freedom and not getting bound by misinformed knee-jerking doomsayers. :D

That lone adventurer hiking in the thick of snow and woods is totally disturbing and going to contribute to this cute 'lil guy's destruction.

Hell yeah, freedom to recklessly pollute, spread COVID, etc... is friggin' AWESOME! Long live ignorance and idiocy! Yee-haw!!!

Of course, the man made global heating is definitely a misinformation. 97% of climate scientists would agree with you. Oh, wait...

"QUICK! Empty the store shelves and hunker down in the basement. Omicron is coming! Omicron is coming!" LOL. The feeble minded are so hilariously susceptible to fear mongering.

Yeah, 100% of the 97% climate scientists walk, ride a bike, and canoe to work, meeting locations, and convention centers across the globe. Oh, wait…

No, just get that omicron and spread it everywhere! That's your constitutional right. Founding fathers gave it to you. And you can always take ivermectin or drink bleach or urine when you get tired of covid, so why not. That's what you strong minded folks do, right? ;)

And you say I need to see a doctor. Lol. Pull it together, Karen. You're sounding more and more unhinged.

You started the “omicron is coming” discussion. So who’s sounding unhinged? Your “lol” is no help here.

You must walk around with wool over eyes. I brought up omicron because you brought up "spread COVID". Coincidentally, your triggered post was when you started to exhibit some mental breakdown. You pretty much went downhill from there when you doubled-down with another trigged post about drinking bleach and urine. Hence, unhinged.

Ooooops…I forgot….lol ;)

That was mentioned to describe your kind. Apparently it was a correct assumption, you eat it and didn't like much since it's "triggered" you to go postal about omicron. The "Lols" don't look well when you're crying ;)

Hey, Eddie....Now I see how you've come to your screen name! I had a red 350Z. Just a fun car!

Nice! And, yes, it is a fun car. I bought it new back in Apr 2006. It's got 220K miles on it now.

Assuming on average your MPG is around 19, and each gallon of gas is producing 20lbs of CO2, your annual contribution while working from home is 16000-21000lbs. Quite an achievement, and a really good job for a tiny gas guzzler, so keep it up! ;)

Ah, I see. So, basically more or less the same as the national average except my contribution are fun miles. You'll be happy to know, for 2022, I plan on contributing even more. ;)

Your next upgrade?

Btw, you'll be happier to know my avg mpg. More vroom vroom vroom across the land. I can cover 500 miles on one tank of gas. Contributions, here I come! lol

Awesome!!! Now go find yourself a doctor. I’m pretty sure you can find a good one within 500 miles :)

Oh, man. You know you've broken someone when they resort to retorts like "find a doctor", anime toons, and TDS memes.

All I want is to help you. You sound like an absolutely mindless, irresponsible, misogynistic and evil person. I'm not a psychologist so I'm useless here, but I still believe a good doctor can help you. You may had some childhood traumas and personal issues in the past that broke your personality. This is better to discuss with a qualified practitioner though.

I don't know what is a "TDS meme". The picture I've posted is from animated series about your kin, it's called "Squidbillies". You statements reminded me Early Cyler. Google it, and maybe watch - it's quite funny. You’d recognize yourself immediately.

Projection at its finest. And, long winded and lame at that.

Trump Derangement Syndrome. That's what TDS means.

At minimum, minimum, 400 million people travel a year. That's why it's ludicrous and laughable why you got so triggered about a guy in the middle of nowhere taking photos of a bird. :D

Listen up, if you want to shackle yourself to a hermit homestead lifestyle, knock yourself out. Just don't expect the rest of the world to live the same looney life. You do you, Karen.

Oh I see it now... Did I hurt your feelings about your schizophrenic idol? I'm so sorry, but don't take it personally. If you could read and comprehend the comments you would realize it was posted as a response to a laughable windmills claim. I simply don't know another famous windmill fighter, sorry. Now I think it could be you, but unlike Trump you're no one - just an angry "dude" driving his ridiculous car and polluting.

Because of your anger you can't see that it's actually *you* got "triggered" by my simple observation. Count the number of your posts and prove me wrong. You is the one who went on a crusade against someone with a different opinion. In your world it's illegal to have an opinion as far as I understand. All disobedient people should be called "Karen" and exterminated, right?

Also, I don't think you understand the "Karen" meme at all. The only hysterical Karen here is you. You would probably love to speak to my manager now but you can't and that's likely pissing you off. Well, this is life, so just cope with it.

I imagine you must have walked to all the locations in your portfolio too.

All birds pictures except of herons and pelicans are taken in my backyard. I didn’t drive to other places just for the sake of taking a picture.

Well done you, you’re a true hero… now tell me, do you travel to places specifically to eat food, or attend an event, or go on vacation.

If you say no to the above, we know you are lying.

Rarely. Mostly cook at home. Vacations? Once in 10-15 years maybe. I hate them. I do buy groceries once a week though. Now tell about yourself, let's see if you're a hero?

I live in the North East of England, I work 35 miles away from my house so yes I drive. But I have now negotiated working from home for 3 days so I’m saving 210 miles a week travelling. I travel to take photos because there is nothing much to photograph in my town. I also live within an hours drive to the North York moors National park, Teesdale, Durham city, the Yorkshire dales, Northumberland. Why wouldn’t I travel there?

Are you implying photographers are some kind of environmental criminals because they drive a car to a location?

I think you completely missed my point...
All I did is expressed my concern is that irresponsible to drive to multiple locations trying to find a single bird while just a few months ago Canada was suffering from terrible wildfires. Maybe he drove a Tesla, or maybe didn't do it all. I don't know for sure, and I mentioned it already.

I'm really surprised to see so many climate change deniers and windmill fighters on this forum (read the comments - it's a lot of fun :)

Do you think that if you alienate these people enough that they will change their behaviour?

Nope, I give up. These people ignore simple facts and live in parallel reality - what can I do? It was just a simple concern but now it looks like a war zone. No hope. I'm done.

That's on you, Tammie. One assumes you are old enough to realise if you attack people they are going to respond defensively, and their positions will become entrenched.

In any case, this cannot be fixed; the only way to deal with our environmental issues (and there are three environmental existential risks, not just climate change), is to reduce aggregate material throughput. However, the economic/political elite have created the narrative that there is a technical fix, in the form of renewables and EVs; as has been demonstrated, this is within the set of no technical fix problems.

This ends with ecological collapse, or civilisational level conflict (maybe both).

Just go live your life and try to be happy.

It's kind of hard to be happy knowing that my grand kids will likely have to fight for their survival... Would you feel happy?

You just couldn't resist, could you?

I did literally everything right, including not having children (a human in western society has a huge resource cost), and I thought individuals and governments would change, but I was wrong.

You made a choice to have children, and they chose to have children. I have no sympathy.

And given you chose to do the worst thing any normal person can do, in terms of the environment, you don't get to claim the moral high ground.

I’m just over the moon that someone has implied I’m a climate change denier… she got that one wrong too.

We recycle and repurpose everything we possibly can and I often buy things and use them to maximum potential, eg going from an iPhone 6 to an 11 after 6 years of use and still being able to sell it in perfect working order (as I have with my 2010 MacBook Pro I recently sold). I buy used camera gear often (in the case of my X-T20 very well used too) and I’m still using the same pair of Technics 1210s that I bought 21 years ago to DJ with, they haven’t even been serviced.

Picking on a photographer for driving around with their camera is poor form when you haven’t explored other aspects of their life to see what they are doing to reduce their impact on society, and that’s what Tammy has done here.

I get it, Stuart.

As someone who really did do everything right, and who has paid a very high price for doing the right thing, I find it incredibly frustrating.

You,as a breeder, have contributed to a sustained and widened carbon footprint which goes far into the future and yet you nitpick about a lone person driving to locales to enjoy his hobby of being in nature, observing, and recording. Climate deniers are joined by environmentalists in agreement that trolls, such as yourself, are kooks and hypocrites. 'Nuf said.

Man, great stills and vids.

Great video and I am sorry Alex, you took the trolls' bait. Life is about choices and we should strive to be good stewards of the environment. Your points are well taken and windmills are responsible for significant climate impact including creating micro-climates and disrupting wind patterns, and killing many hundreds of thousands of birds. Likewise a few large corporations and more importantly a few nations are responsible for most of the carbon and chemical output around the globe. Squabbling over individuals driving is precisely what the elites want while they jet around to Davos in private planes and fly to and from their mansions. If people want to make an impact, they should live simply, not use plastics, and focus on taking care of their environment. Screaming at each other doesn't help and life is meant to be enjoyed responsibly.

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