Funniest So Far: Picfair's Urban Wildlife Contest

Funniest So Far: Picfair's Urban Wildlife Contest

Picfair's new Urban Wildlife Photography Awards has released its funniest submissions to date. If you need a smile or a laugh (and who doesn't these days), take a look.

Enjoy these fantastic shots. 

The Robin and The Buddha, Claire Crown.

Claire Crown was lucky enough to catch the robin joking around with Buddha in her mother-in-law's garden.

What’s Up Human?, Jozef.

Dennis Laughlin (USA) had to walk around for a while before getting the goat and the President lined up.

Mountain Goat at Mount Rushmore, Dennis Laughlin.

Don't forget, 50% of profits from prints sales related to the competition will be donated to wildlife conservation non-profit Re:wild. Re:wild protects and restores the diversity of life through innovative collaborations among individuals, communities, indigenous peoples, governments, scientists, and businesses to drive the most pressing nature-based solutions to our planet’s urgent crises. 

The Cheeky Fox, JPW Photogallery.

The awards will be judged by award-winning wildlife photographers and writers Melissa GrooAndrew BudziakWill Burrard-Lucas, and co-founder of birdsong recognition app and citizen science project Warblr, Florence Wilkinson.

Pelicans in Conversation On The Pier, Rich Cruse (USA).

There are just under four weeks to enter for the chance to win prize bundles worth over $3,500 from Nike, MPB, Peak Design, and more (submissions close May 31st).

Picfair powers over half a million photography portfolios around the world. Their free store builder helps amateur and professional photographers sell their images in multiple formats, with ecommerce, print production, and global delivery baked into the design.

All images provided by Picfair and credited to each photographer as captioned. Lead image photographed by Maxine Polak. 

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Mark is a Toronto based commercial photographer and world traveller who gave up the glamorous life of big law to take pictures for a living.

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Good that Fstoppers mentions it so it must be a genuine one. Of late many fake Nature and Wildlife Contests are floating like the recent one called NPOTY 2022 run by some Amsterdam based outfit.

I’m confident that Picfair’s contest is a real one.
Can you tell me more about NPOTY, 22. What makes it seem fake to you?

Yes. I enrolled in C13 category after paying 17 Euro. Could upload only one image and thereafter I could not upload any image. Sent multiple emails describing the issue but no reply till this date. Contacted them on Twitter also but all in vain. A genuine photo contest never behave like this. That shows this NPOTY22 is fake.