Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography can be a profitable extension of your existing company, or you can become a specialist in the area. If you are just starting out, Brad Filliponi has a few tips to get you on the right track. 

As a home buyer in the past, one of the largest factors of passing by a listing was the images. Selling a property starts with images that will grab the buyer's attention as they are flipping through on the computer, drinking their morning coffee. If you can get them to stop and take a look, you are already ahead of the game. 

Filliponi goes over a few key tips in his video to help beginners know the ins and outs of shooting to sell a home, everything from setting up the house in order to exclude clutter and personal items to finding the "hero shot." This hero shot, according to Filliponi, 9/10 times is often at the back of the property facing the home. If it has a pool, this is a great shot to include foliage and the size as well. He suggests taking a few exterior shots to see which is the best aspect of the property. 

Another tip is shooting multiple exposures to obtain the best lighting for each section of a larger room. Exposing for one room may blow out the highlights in another adjacent room with windows. Having multiple exposures will blend the best lighting for each section. If you are working with a realtor as their photographer or you are just trying to sell your own home, these tips will help put your images in front of the market.

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Thx! Fun and educational content.

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Nice tips and great channel :)

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If I am not mistaken at 5.34 the house looks pretty mush the same like the one my friend bought a month ago in the Costa Blanca area, Spain.It resembles estates in that region a lot. By the way if you also would like to take similar photos here is a detailed scheme of buying procedures in this country

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Resort real estate in Spain is of interest to those who want to combine