How To Shoot Great Astrophotography Time-Lapse Videos

Photographing the stars is tricky and requires some know-how and preparation. Creating a time-lapse video, at night, of those same stars adds another level of difficulty on top.The first time you try astrophotography you'll realize just how much thought goes into those epic shots you've enjoyed. There are so many factors in play it's overwhelming to begin with; you need the right location, the right time of night, the right weather, the right lens, camera, tripod, apps, and on, and on. Once you've got the hang of what is required to get the right shot, it's time to start stringing those shots together into a time-lapse.

Aidin Robbins, a filmmaker and YouTuber whose content I am particularly enjoying at the moment, breaks down the complete process of capturing an astrophotography time-lapse. It's definitely one of the more advanced tasks you can undergo with your camera, but by no means insurmountable. There are some great tips in this video, but if I were to highlight one that is easily overlooked, it's regarding external power.

Creating a pleasing time-lapse takes a lot of... well, time. There are a few issues that come with that, most obviously being your battery life. Changing batteries mid-time-lapse isn't advisable, and you might be surprised how quickly your battery plummets when the camera is constantly shooting. Furthermore, shooting at night in dark spots usually means it's pretty cold outside, which your battery doesn't love either. My solution has always been a large, well-reviewed powerbank with full juice. Any decent one will add hours and hours to your battery life.

Have you shot any astrophotography time-lapses? What tips can you share?

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