4 Awesome Food Action Shots and How to Create Them

Food photography is something you can practice at home right now, and maybe this video will be the inspiration you need to get started.

I do a lot of commercial macro work for adverts, usually of small objects, and yet I've still never tried food photography. I think what has always put me off a little is that for the highest quality images, I'd need a good chef on stand-by, and I certainly cannot fill that role. In this latest video from COOPH, they do however, and create some stunning action shots. To be honest, I'm not overly interested in the flying food shots with the constituent layers suspended; it's been done to death. But the other entries on this video are superb, particularly the ice composite.

I've reached a new level of appreciation of food photography in recent years after closely following our own writer Scott Choucino's work which is utterly brilliant:

Have you created any shots like those in this video? Are you a food photographer? Share your thoughts and images in the comment section below.

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