Beautiful, Minimalist Photography on a Scottish Island

Scotland has some stunning natural beauty, but the islands surrounding it are often neglected. In this video, one landscape photographer goes to the Isle of Harris and Lewis to conduct some stunning, minimalist photography.

My moaning about the U.K for landscape photography is largely fair as huge swathes of the country are dull and uninspiring. That isn't to say there aren't photography opportunities in these places, I'm just not a talented enough landscape photographer to make anything of them! However, there are areas throughout the U.K, particularly in Scotland, that are objectively beautiful.

In this video, Adam Gibbs gets the ferry to Isle of Harris and Lewis, just off the western coast of Scotland. This island has truly staggering vistas as well as prehistoric megaliths and beaches you simply wouldn't associate with the U.K. The island has been voted as an award-winning travel destination on numerous occasions, but nevertheless, I rarely see images from there.

Adam Gibbs has a wonderful eye for landscapes and so this behind-the-scenes video is great viewing. It is undoubtedly another entry to my "must visit" list! If you have been, please share your images in the comment section below.

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