Behind the Scenes of Antarctica Photography

There are a handful of places in the world that are simultaneously beautiful for photography and incredibly difficult to ever visit, but Antarctica is one of them. In this video, James Popsys takes you behind the scenes of his trip there and the wonders that await.

When it comes to capturing the world's beauty, I find myself gravitating towards the cold locations as opposed to hot. Norway and Iceland have been two of my favorite trips to date and I am eager to return to them. There is something quiet, brutal, and enchanting about the scale and conditions of these extreme locations.

Of course, one of the pinnacles of those conditions is Antarctica, but it's difficult to get to. It is the coldest, windiest, and driest continent on earth, and as a result, very few people live there. What it does have as a result, however, is some jagged and singular landscape, rare wildlife, and unusual weather, making it a hotbed for photographers.

In this video, James Popsys shows the challenges and rewards of visiting the home of the South Pole, talking you through the difficulties he encounters. I was pleased to see that during a turbulent and stormy period, all photographers we on deck with their cameras out! We're a strange breed.

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