Behind the Scenes of a Short Film in a Norwegian Storm With the Canon C70

When traveling has been so difficult, videos of distant locations become even more appealing. Watch as a Canon ambassador creates a beautiful short film in northern Norway, battling the elements and the pandemic.

I wouldn't typically share Canon's videos as they only lightly disguised adverts more often than not, but this particular one is incredibly beautiful in and of itself, let alone the short film it's about.

Sam Newton, a filmmaker and Canon ambassador, teamed up with Canon to create a short film using the C70 Cinema Camera in the portion of the Arctic circle in northern Norway. Norway is one of my favorite countries on earth and one I cannot wait to return to. It is a savage, mountainous land with brutal weather and unparalleled beauty. The northern part is particularly stunning, with towns such as Lofoten gaining fame among travel, landscape, and astro photographers.

Even in the behind-the-scenes footage, the location looks otherworldly and the final film, Eye of the Storm, is stunning. You can watch it below:

Whether you're interested in buying the C70 or not (and I'm not), it's a great watch! I should give you a prior warning though: you will want to visit Norway and likely experience strong pangs of wanderlust. Or perhaps that was just me!

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Gonzague GB's picture

You have to respect the work that went there on both parts, the filming crew and this talented photographer. Shooting under these conditions is hard (I recently shot something in harsh cold conditions), but that "warp stabilization wobble" seen on many of the shots is a killer for me. Either you accept that the video will be shaky, and use it in how will tell the story (the Storm part), or you use means like a gimble or whatever that will work to make these shots smoother to the eyes.