Dissecting a Wedding Filmmaker’s Creative Process

Have you ever wondered what’s in the mind of a wedding filmmaker? How do bits of footage turn out to be a moving film that tells the couple’s story?

Documenting weddings and other life events are important roles of photographers and videographers. With the development of efficient tech for image-making and processing, the way we immortalize special occasions has evolved as well. This particular wedding filmmaker is best known for his unique style of audio-visual storytelling and how he’s able to put together the wedding film in time to be played at the end of the dinner party. 

In this video, wedding filmmaker, Jason Magbanua does a thorough dissection of every step of his creative process when conceptualizing, shooting, and editing wedding films. His discussion starts with how he sets the tone and mood of the entire video, how that affects his choice of gear, how he forms the story beyond merely documenting the wedding, and how he puts everything together into one seamless same-day edit wedding video. 

This video includes stories of the bride and groom that Magbanua uses to match the wedding film with the couple’s personalities, a discussion of the location and how it affects both his gear and the output, all the way to editing and color-grading the final output.

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Nicco Valenzuela is a photographer from Quezon City, Philippines. Nicco shoots skyscrapers and cityscapes professionally as an architectural photographer and Landscape and travel photographs as a hobby.

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