How To Mix Lights on Location

Being a photographer means being able to adapt to any given lighting situation to create images that are remarkable. In this video, Sophia Carey shares some of her insights with a behind-the-scenes look at a night portrait shoot on film.

Sometimes, it’s within the confines or constraints that you might find you make your best work. When considering your photography in this way, it becomes very important to set up certain parameters for yourself and then look to see if you can create something amazing within this, as is the case with this video and shooting bright vibrant portraits at night.

Carey shares a wealth of topical knowledge in the video, including how to meter a shot, pushing and pulling film, as well as combining ambient light with off-camera lights to create colorful and vibrant images.

As I often say in these articles, learning and growth happens in increments. You don’t have to learn every single thing there is to know about photography in a single photoshoot. That would be quite silly actually. But if you think of one area you can improve in and then organize a test shoot around that and practice that one thing, then you’ll learn that one thing. And that’s a better place to be than not, until the next shoot, when you try something else.

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