Nighttime Street Photography With the TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95

You can get your hands on exceptionally fast glass far easier and at far less of a cost than ever before. This nifty-fifty breaches the f/1.0 widest aperture and is fast becoming a gem of a lens.

This video combines several areas I love: bizarre lenses, street photography, and behind-the-scenes. I buy lots of lesser-known lenses and I am currently reviewing two as we speak. There's something exciting about lenses with character, as I put forward recently in an original. Street photography is a staple of the genre with a long-standing history. There are two many strands to unpick here as to why I love it, but if I want to know how a lens can perform, I look for videos of it being used in street photography. Finally, behind-the-scenes videos just contain so much information, with insight into composition, artistic eye, settings, direction, and so much more.

This video has Pierre T. Lamber out and about with the TTArtisan 50mm f/0.95. There has been a boom in extremely fast and affordable prime lenses without autofocus in the last few years — an article I happen to be writing at the moment. While the loss of AF can feel significant — and it is for some people, depending on their usual subject matter — the sacrifice can really pay off. Purchasing lenses at f/1.4 or below with autofocus is typically an expensive acquisition, thus prohibiting hobbyists and most professionals from being able to justify it. The wave of lenses bridging that gap at the cost of autofocus is encouraging and worth you trying if you haven't.

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Even without auto focus it can be incredibly expensive if you're on the Z mount.