Street Photographer: '99% of My Photos are Terrible'

Social media has led us to believe that most people take only incredible shots, look like catwalk models, and live like billionaires. We know that isn't the case, but still, we can't help but be affected by the data in front of us. Well, one successful photographer and creator takes you behind the scenes of all of their shots from a trip.

A friend of mine has a girlfriend who used to be constantly dissatisfied because she would scroll through Instagram and see that her friends were at nice restaurants, on holiday, or doing something noteworthy. It became an issue and was fixed, but the problem stuck with me. We all do this to varying degrees. We see carefully curated content from everyone we follow and then the culmination of all of the images and videos is that we think the world is busy being awesome, and we are not.

I know this isn't the case, most of our lives are spent in dull ways, but it's something I have to make a special effort to remind myself. One area I don't do this, because the knowledge is truly innate, is photography. When I see great photographs, I presume they're sitting atop a pile of forgettable ones. To prove this, Evan Ranft takes you behind the scenes of a street photography session and shows all the shots that didn't make the cut.

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