Testing the iPhone 14 Pro for Nighttime Street Photography

Mobile phone cameras have taking gargantuan strides forward in the last decade, to the point where they are unquestionably able to compete with dedicated cameras in certain areas. So, how is the new flagship iPhone in one area it claims dominance?

It was around 2016 that I started to take my phone camera seriously, if I recall. I bought a top-spec Google Pixel and I could finally see the threat it posed point-and-shoot cameras. In 2018, I started using my phone to take wide-angle shots rather than change lens. Now, I use my phone for most wide-angle shots and most other snaps — it continued to encroach on territory that used to be my camera's by right.

The degree to which the computational side of phone photography has improved is most responsible for its value to me. Even Portrait Mode, which was tantamount to a meme when it was first released, is now good enough that even photographers can't always tell. One area that has particularly impressed me in the latest phone cameras has been the low light capabilities. You can often take shots that would have been a complete write-off 10 years ago.

In this video, you get to go behind-the-scenes of a nighttime street shoot with the new iPhone 14 PRO and see just how well it performs. What do you think?

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Lee Morris's picture

I definitely need to see some side by side comparisons. I was going to make this video myself but I was out of the state when the phone came out and now I feel like I'm too late.

Robert K Baggs's picture

Certainly feels there's still a hunger for content created with it.