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Street Photographer: '99% of My Photos are Terrible'

Social media has led us to believe that most people take only incredible shots, look like catwalk models, and live like billionaires. We know that isn't the case, but still, we can't help but be affected by the data in front of us. Well, one successful photographer and creator takes you behind the scenes of all of their shots from a trip.

Amateur Versus Professional Product Commercial Challenge

There are many kinds of professional photographers and videographers. However, if you take two professionals from different disciplines, how much of a difference is there? This video gives you an idea of what specializing in your field can do.

Hands-On Experience With the 'World's Best Pocket Camera'

There is a quiet rise of small, pocketable cameras when it comes to popularity. In this video, James Popsys gives his thoughts on the little Ricoh after spending some time shooting with it. So, if you're in the market for one, take a look.

How to Shoot During the Day, But Make it Look Like Night

Have you ever wanted to produce a night shot but during the day? Well, it's possible, and it's not even that difficult if you know how to control light properly. In this video, go behind the scenes on an outdoor shoot during the day that yields images that look as if they're in the middle of the night.

Should You Devote Your Time and Money Into Creating a Spec Ad?

The issue of whether or not photographers should work for free is a polarizing one. Some of us feel we should not haul thousands of dollars worth of lighting and camera gear to a location and spend a full day shooting just to gain a reward that comes in the form of intangible exposure. Others feel doing regular collaborations with like-minded peers to produce new work is valuable in nurturing a photographer’s creative process.

Testing the iPhone 14 Pro for Nighttime Street Photography

Mobile phone cameras have taking gargantuan strides forward in the last decade, to the point where they are unquestionably able to compete with dedicated cameras in certain areas. So, how is the new flagship iPhone in one area it claims dominance?

Behind the Scenes: Check Out This Golden and Blue Hour Portrait Shoot

Finding the best light to bathe our subjects can be one of the most challenging parts of planning a photoshoot. We strive for those beautiful golden hour photos and sometimes completely dismiss other parts of the day. Harsh sunlight can be difficult and cloudy can be flat, but what about blue hour?

Using the Canon RF 800mm for Astrophotography

Astrophotography has a high skill ceiling, particularly when you start to introduce trackers. In this video, a veteran astrophotographer takes on a challenge and has a few learning experiences.

Create Beautiful Portraits With This $20 DIY Light

Photography can be an expensive pursuit, with cameras, lenses, and lights setting you back thousands and thousands of dollars. While that is true, the operative part is "can be". There are lots of ways to create amazing images on a modest budget.

Chasing and Photographing Storms in New Mexico

There are few natural phenomena that are more exciting to witness and photography than storms. However, chasing them can be dangerous, and capturing them can be difficult. In this video, go behind the scenes with Brent Hall as he photographs storms in New Mexico.

Shooting a Music Video in Extreme Conditions With the Nikon Z 9

High altitudes, snow, biting cold, and a lot of equipment. Some shoots are harder than others and this music video looked particularly grueling. Nevertheless, the Nikon Z 9 is well-equipped for such trials; see how it performs in a testing climate.

BTS of a Natural Light Portrait Shoot in an AirBnB

It's easy to think that if you want to put together a great portrait shoot you need to book an expensive location and have a room full of lights, but sometimes simplicity can be more rewarding.

How to Photograph a Car Outside, but Make It Look Like a Studio

Car photography is a lot of fun and can be highly dynamic, but it represents one of the hardest products to photograph in a studio environment. Not only do you need a large studio that a car can be driven into, but you need huge lights to evenly light the car too. Or do you?

How to Take Rolling Shots of Cars

If you've ever wanted to take a photograph of a car that has motion to it, you may have noticed it's not often straightforward. In this video, go behind the scenes of a rolling car shoot to see how it's done.

Nikon Z9 Firmware Update Makes It Even More Incredible

The Nikon Z-series has a highly impressive firmware update coming, particularly for the Z9. Version 2.0 turns Z9 into a videography and sports photography titan, and if you have any interest in using it for either of those (or a great many other uses), you're going to want to check this out.

Tips for Ensuring Your Photography Is Improving

Being self-critical is too easy or too hard, but in both cases, it can be difficult to be effective with it. In this video, Nigel Danson takes you on a shoot and discusses some of the ways he ensures his photography is improving.

How To Mix Lights on Location

Being a photographer means being able to adapt to any given lighting situation to create images that are remarkable. In this video, Sophia Carey shares some of her insights with a behind-the-scenes look at a night portrait shoot on film.

A Deep Dive Into How Kodak Makes Film

With film photography once again becoming popular, photographers who wish to take it up must wonder where the current film stock is coming from. Is it from the remnants of film stock that was made years ago? Well, you'll be happy to know that Kodak still has production lines running at its factory and even happier to watch this deep dive into how they make the film that you shoot today.

A Behind the Scenes Guide to Short and Broad Lighting

Portraiture is one of the most versatile genres of photography, housing many sub-genres within it. One of the most impactful skillsets you can acquire for the craft is lighting and so it is important to know the basic setups and what different lighting styles achieve.

Behind the Scenes of Antarctica Photography

There are a handful of places in the world that are simultaneously beautiful for photography and incredibly difficult to ever visit, but Antarctica is one of them. In this video, James Popsys takes you behind the scenes of his trip there and the wonders that await.

Hands-on With the Leica 50mm and 75mm Noctilux Lenses

Leica is a polarizing brand by virtue of their prices and almost nothing else. But, if money was no object, would you shoot with them? Their Noctilux range is on many wishlists, but how good are they really and can they justify the price?

A Start-to-Finish Guide on Creating Great Portraits With Smoke

There are certain rights of passage in photography that we all should try at some juncture of our time with a camera. They act as both important learning tools but plainly, they're good fun to do. In this video, Pye Jirsa walks you through how he created a great-looking portrait using a smoke bomb.

How Do the Canon RF and EF 24-70mm Lenses Compare?

With Canon successfully moving into the mirrorless space, they have a dichotomy of gear. But, in a real-world scenario, how do two of the same lenses — one for mirrorless and one for DSLRs — compare side-by-side?

How to Do Clamshell Lighting

There are lots of lighting techniques to learn, some simple, some complex, and they all offer something a bit different. One of my personal favorites is clamshell lighting and in this video, learn how to do it and when it will work particularly well.

Portrait Photography in Bright Midday Sun

Natural light portraiture is forever popular, but as us photographers know, more light isn't necessarily better. In fact, like half-breed vampires, we shy away from the sun at its brightest during midday.

Using V-Flats for Background and the Perfect Lighting

Are you looking for an easy way to achieve great lighting with minimal gear? Regardless of whether it's because you are starting off and have to stay within a certain budget or you simply do not want to carry and set up a lot of gear, here's an easy way to get perfect lighting.

How to Take Beautiful, Backlit Portraits at Golden Hour

Golden hour is the holiest of times for photographers of many genres, however, it takes some technical understanding if you want to get the most out of it in your portraiture. In this video, Irene Rudnyk takes you behind-the-scenes of her beach portraiture shoot at golden hour to give you some tips.

Is the Nikon Z9 the Best Wildlife Camera Ever?

The last few years have seen a slew of new and impressive cameras. Nikon's newest mirrorless body has been turning heads, so one veteran wildlife photographer takes it into the field to give an honest review.

Canon R3 Versus Nikon Z9: Hands-on First Impressions

Canon and Nikon, after a slow start, have both been consistently releasing excellent mirrorless bodies. Their respective newest cameras are more or less direct rivals, so how do they compare?

Behind the Scenes of Failed Photoshoots: Learning From Mistakes

It is a truism that you learn far more from your failure than you do your successes, and photography is no different. In this video, esteemed portrait photographer, Irene Rudnyk, goes through some of her failed shoots that never quite made the grade.

Behind the Scenes of Bird Photography in the Jungle With Great Tips

Bird photography is tremendously difficult and so is photographing in a jungle. So, it follows that photographing birds in a jungle will require a lot of skill in patience. Watch as two veteran wildlife photographers go through recent shots and offer some tips and mistakes to avoid.

Behind the Scenes Photographing Huge Waves Crashing Into a Lighthouse

The sea has so many different styles of photography that can be conducted with it that if you live near an ocean, it can be a brilliant source of both imagery and practice. In this video, one photographer sets out to capture huge waves crashing into a lighthouse.

2 Landscape Photographers Go Head-to-Head With a 70mm Challenge

One way to test your skills and to improve your creativity at the same time is to set yourself a shooting challenge. In this video, Nigel Danson and James Popsys go head-to-head with the challenge of shooting landscapes with only a 70mm focal length.

Beautiful, Minimalist Photography on a Scottish Island

Scotland has some stunning natural beauty, but the islands surrounding it are often neglected. In this video, one landscape photographer goes to the Isle of Harris and Lewis to conduct some stunning, minimalist photography.

7 Quick Tips for a Positive Change in Your Photography

A new year is here and with it comes the opportunity to reflect and make plans for how you will spend the next 12 months. If you're looking for inspiration on how to improve, here are seven quick tips to change your photography for the better.

Is the Viltrox 85mm f/1.8 the Best Value 85mm for the RF Mount?

As the number of lenses available for Canon's RF mount grows, photographers are faced with options and decisions for most focal lengths they would like to buy. Is this Viltrox prime one of the best value 85mm lenses for RF?

Classic Lighting Setups That Every Photographer Should Know

There are many ways to light a subject, both complex and simplistic, and while you might be always tempted to go for the most complicated setups, knowing the classics is important too. Classic lighting is classic for a reason and you may find yourself using it more often than you expect.