5 Steps for Success in eCommerce Photography

Product photographers are some of the highest earning professionals in the photography field, and they command their prices with the value they bring to other businesses while creating imagery that engages consumers to purchase those business’ products. If you want a piece of that e-commerce photography pie but are still sweating on where to start, then it’s time to get a crash course that will possible jumpstart your beginnings into this profitable space.

Karl Taylor has created a fantastic breakdown on the discipline of e-commerce photography and how to keep your work quick, concise, and repeatable for your future product photography clientele. Shooting on white has been a staple for advertising photography from the age of the mail order catalog all the way to today with Amazon, and the basic gist has always been, “How many products can I photograph in the shortest amount of time." This volume is one part to how you make a fantastic income in e-commerce, but you have to streamline your process to make this type of photography worthwhile in a business sense. Taylor gives us a great set of tips and tricks and even goes further down the rabbit hole of knowledge so you understand how to make e-commerce and product photography a viable alternative to portraits and event coverage.

If you’re looking at entering the e-commerce and product photography space what were your takeaways to Taylor’s five steps? Are there any other tips that you can add from your previous experience in product and e-commerce photography?

If you prefer high end product photography and are looking to take your skills to another level, then check out the Fstoppers' tutorial The Hero Shot: How To Light and Composite Product Photography with Brian Rodgers Jr.

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Johnny Rico's picture

I figured tutorial selling, educational photographers were the highest earners at this rate

Motti Bembaron's picture

Good point.

Kolade Agunbiade's picture

I don't think you'll be making this statement if this was a free course. Where else to better advertise a photography course than on platforms like this?

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I would make the statement either way because it's probably true.

Kolade Agunbiade's picture

You're right, it's probably true but "at this rate" defines the tone of his statement.

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Karl and Urs are great

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I am also a checker to find out this kind of tutorial to show my experts. It is really amazing tips for my experts. Hope they will able to upgrade their skill & experience. Thank you so much for your hard working.