8 Ways You Can Make Money With Macro Photography

Macro photography is a more specialized genre than most, and as such, if you specialize in it, it can be tricky knowing how to turn your skills into actual income. This fantastic video discusses eight different ways you can create income using macro photography. 

Coming to you from Micael Widell, this excellent video discusses eight ways you can make money shooting macro photography. I have always had a soft spot for macro photography because it is something that anyone can do around their home, as there is a veritable plethora of subjects ready and waiting for any photographer who is interested. Nonetheless, there is not as clear a path to financial success in macro photography as there might be in more traditional genres like portraiture or weddings. Nonetheless, there is certainly a need for it and paths into making money doing it. In fact, because of the special equipment and technique requirements, it is something that can't really be done without specialized knowledge, which can help create demand for your work. 

If you are interested in macro photography and would like to learn more, be sure to check out "Mastering Macro Photography: The Complete Shooting and Editing Tutorial With Andres Moline!"

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Alex Cooke is a Cleveland-based portrait, events, and landscape photographer. He holds an M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a doctorate in Music Composition. He is also an avid equestrian.

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Basically none of the 8 ways would be sufficient to make a decent living by themselves. Although a YouTube could bring in some money (it's too risky to rely on it by itself - unless you're a huge influencer).

Hmm a 15 minute video. Anyone want to do a spoiler and give me the 8 bullet points?

I’m with you on this. I really wish we could always get a short list with these videos to see if it really sparks our interest to learn more rather than taking a gamble watching a video and wasting your time. Really - not to be harsh but this wasn’t a very good video on making money from photography. The Youtuber really didn’t believe in a lot of these ideas anyway.

Here’s the list:

1. Sell prints, calendars, photo books
2. Become a fine art macro photographer
3. (Micro) stock photo websites
4. Sell to magazines, journals, book publishers
5. Macro product photography
6. Macro photography workshops
7. Start a YouTube channel
8. Find your own way (to make money)

Bless you for giving me 15 minutes of life I might otherwise have lost.

I did microstock for a while. Good luck with that.

"Fine art" is the rainbow many of us chase. So the larger question is, of course: how can you make money from fine art photography, macro or otherwise?

Really, you could replace “macro” for anything here and this list would apply.....how about “skateboard photography”....

He forgot the 2 biggest fields - medical and technology. Somebody out there is taking those close ups of micro chips on amd's website.

A ninth way is in the title of the article. Literally make money with quality plates for counterfeiters.

This kind of video makes me so furious. So many photographers/youtubers trying to make "clever" videos and to get views by making something which is so obvious. Please stop making these kinds of videos - e.g.: Top 8 tips to get better autumn photos - Top 13 ways to sell winter photos - and so on.... Just stop. Please!!! Why? Because you are fooling beginners and easy targets. Really hope that Fstoppers will stop linking to this kind of content. You are better than that.

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