How to Connect With a Modeling Agency

Have you ever been curious about what it is like to work with professional models and the process of matching your talents behind a camera with an agency’s catalog of models, but never really knew where to start? Here's a great how-to about getting started with working with a professional modeling agency.

It is hard to argue that the best way to produce beautiful images is by placing your camera in front of something beautiful or, in this scenario, a professional subject. In the same way that you, the photographer, are appreciated as being more than just a person who simply shows up places with a fancy camera, professional models are appreciated for the fact that they also harness a proven skill set.

Just like as the realm of photography, there is also bona fide technique that a model had to practice and master. And of course, they also have a certain desirable look that got them started in the profession to begin with. The fact is the modeling agencies present an entire catalog of professionals that possess something beyond what you can reasonably expect from the average person. And with that comes added benefits, like no last-minute surprises of absenteeism or tardiness. Instead, expect predictability and professionalism on set.  

In his ongoing YouTube series titled, "Talking Business," Ernesto Sue interviews agency 3BBM owner Leigh Moose, who herself has a shared background in photography, and provides a good overall discussion, including an insightful window (starting at around the 46-minute mark) into what it is her agency looks for when they are approached by model-seeking photographers.

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Gabrielle Colton's picture

Great tips, there's definitely a certain way you have to do things with agencies. It can be tricky getting in with them but once you are they are typically very loyal and supportive! I love working with agencies

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Good Post guys, very informative , well done!