Lindsay Adler: Taking Advantage of Trends in Design

What's the saying, trends come and go, but style is constant? Maybe, but, in a world of ever changing SEO and IG popularity contests, its important to be able to recognize and then mobilize trends to get eyeballs on your work.

Given the wide variety of ADs and CDs likely searching Pantone Color of the Year, this video show of a great idea to do just that. Do you regularly do anything to keep up with SEO trends and the IG explore feed?

Adler's Pantone Colour of the Year shoot, 2020, Classic Blue.

Every year Pantone selects a color of the year. And, every year Lindsay Adler schedules a creative shoot for immediately after Pantone releases their choice. Pantone's color choice is meant to be reflective of cultural trends and will usually show up in interior design, graphic design, advertising, fashion design, and of course, photography.

An opportunity to be involved in current trends. 

Beyond this, shooting something around a rising trend helps Adler attract attention to her work. Of course once the color is announced, people are going to search for it. These people searchings out Pantone Color of the Year are often the same CDs and ADs that are looking to hire photographers. So, as Adler points out, getting her images out and up will mean that searches for this year's color, Classic Blue, will turn up her images. As Monte Isom observes, sometimes you can't win the Google search page battle, but, you can make sure your photos are turning up in related image searches.

The past several years this has actually landed me jobs as it's gotten my work in front of clients.

Beyond this gem of an idea, Adler also includes a behind the scenes look at her Classic Blue shoot. Her video talks about the evolution of her shoot. In particular her use of a gray to white background and her related use of a soft box as background.

Adler's Pantone shoot, use of soft box.

Adler also goes through her thought process about whether she should use reflectors or not.

Adler's Pantone shoot, use of reflector.

I find these before and afters great learning tools.

Adler's Pantone Colour of the Year shoot, 2020, Classic Blue.

Do you pay attention to design trends like Pantone's Color of the Year? Do you take advantage of these trends to get eyeballs on your work? How?

Images courtesy of Lindsay Adler.

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Thanks. Corrected the typographical error I carried throughout. My mistake.

Glad Pantone have caught up with me at last. I've been including blue in some of my images for years! Don't I feel like quite the trend setter! 😂