Things To Think About if You Are Starting a Wedding Photography Business

Starting a wedding photo business in 2022 is vastly different than it was in 2002 or even 2012, and as such, it is helpful to know what unique considerations and steps you should take to position yourself for success. This helpful video tutorial features a seasoned wedding pro discussing five things she would do if she were starting a wedding photography business this year. 

Coming to you from Katelyn James, this great video tutorial discusses five things she would do if she were starting a wedding photography business this year. By far, I think one of the most crucial and one that will matter all throughout your career is having a good website, in terms of content, design, and speed. The website is the calling card for the vast majority of modern wedding photographers and is where most of your potential clients will find you and make the decision to reach out for next steps or not. And when it comes to this, a common mistake people make, especially when they are starting out, is including work that isn't their best. Of course, there is a desire to bulk up your portfolio, but it is far better to show five great photos than 20 decent to good photos, as it only takes one questionable shot to cast doubt in a potential client's mind, particularly with how quickly people make decisions on the web. Check out the video above for the full rundown from James. 

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