Your Photography Marketing Checklist During COVID-19

Your Photography Marketing Checklist During COVID-19

It’s important during this period of uncertainty to keep marketing your photography business. Marketing your business can keep you prepared for when things start to resume in the photography industry. Once events start up again, photoshoots begin to produce once more, and people can gather, your business will be ready. Here are some checkpoints to hit in your photography business marketing.

Update Your Social Media Schedule

Work on updating your social media schedule while you have some downtime. Keeping active on social media will keep you top of mind for your audience. For clients and potential clients alike, this will show them that you’re still putting yourself out there and working hard on your business. Whether the platform is Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or TikTok, there are plenty of networks your photography business can thrive on.

Refresh Your Portfolio Site

Now is the time to do all of those things we never have time for. This is one thing that photographers tend to put off — refreshing the content on their portfolio site. Now that you have time, you can put some work into curating and uploading images to your portfolio site. Edit out old ones that may not be relevant to your photography business anymore. Use your curatorial eye to upgrade your portfolio and give your future potential clients something fresh to look at.

Write Some New Blog Content

Thinking about all of those sessions you haven’t yet blogged? Now is the time to do it. Write the new blog content that your site sorely needs during this COVID-19 downtime. Blog previous sessions that need to be shared. Write posts that will educate your clients that you can then send to them. Updating your blog is also beneficial to your social channels. These new posts will give you something to promote across your networks and drive more traffic to your site.

Research Clients to Pitch To

Look into clients that you’d like to pitch to. Although right now may not be the time to send out email pitches, you can still put in the research now to draft your pitches for later. Each pitch to prospective clients should be somewhat customized, so the research aspect is important. Look into what the brands you’re interested in are currently doing for their photography campaigns, research if they use the same photographers every time, and put effort into the pitches you create.

Update Your Photography Customer Relationship Management

Update your photography CRM with the info you haven’t had time to input. This could be client information that you have yet to input, like the referral source, their birthday, and so on. Get your CRM into tip-top shape for when business starts to really pick up again.

Check on Your Print Marketing Strategy

Think about your print marketing materials. Print marketing is definitely not dead. There are still a lot of opportunities to impress your clients with print. This could be with holiday cards, postcards, flyers/takeaways to give to vendors, sample albums, and more. If you sell prints, it’s especially important to remind your clients of the importance of print. When you send them a card or postcard, it shows them the importance of a tangible object and can help with your print sales strategy.

Keep on Marketing

It may be a hard time during the coronavirus lockdown, but it’s so important to keep on marketing your business. Once this period of drought is over, there will be a period of abundance. People will want to get outside and have photographs again. Events will resume because people need to be with others! Keep your business at the ready for when things start to pick up again after coronavirus lockdowns end. What are you doing right now to market your photography business? Drop it in the comments section below!

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