Become a Black and White Editing Master With These Techniques in Capture One

Capture One is known as a serious tool for serious photographers, and there is no doubt that you can get some serious results by taking the time to dig in and master its myriad of features. One great way to utilize C1 is to take advantage of its black and white conversion engine to generate some truly stunning images.

One of the best things about Capture One is that they are constantly putting out great educational videos to help users grow their editing abilities via their Capture One Pro YouTube channel. This past week, they hosted a great webinar that will help you master your black and white editing and elevate your images to a new level.

There are so many options for converting images to black and white these days that it can be hard for new (and even old!) photographers to choose a technique and stick with it. Buy some presets? Use the built-in Photoshop settings? Set to black and white in camera? Who knows! But what can't be denied is that photographers who have really nailed their editing have the ability to make black and white images pop in way that many shooters these days just don't.

Personally, I have always struggled with my black and white conversions, and looking back at my past 10 years of work, it really shows. This video was especially helpful to me as I look to really nail down my editing and establish a clean and impactful look for my black and white images going forward.

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Yin Ze's picture

I wish C1 could match the bw conversions from Nik Silver efex pro. There was something magical about Nik SEP.

EL PIC's picture

NiK Silver Rocks !!
But NIK Silver with on camera filters Rolls !!
Try It ..