JPEGmini Now Available as a Plug-in for Capture One

JPEGmini Now Available as a Plug-in for Capture One

The creators of JPEGmini, the popular photo-resizing application and plug-in for Lightroom and Photoshop, have announced that the plug-in is now available for Capture One as well. This brings the remarkable compression features of JPEGmini directly into the application, making it easier and more efficient for photographers using Capture One to create images at vastly reduced sizes. 

If you haven't ever used JPEGmini, you should definitely check it out. It's one of my favorite applications, as it can reduce the size of JPEG images up to about 80% with no real discernible loss of quality. This makes it particularly useful for portfolio websites (especially as more and more users will visit your work on mobile devices in the future), where you of course want the quality of your images to maintained while reducing loading times as much as possible, which also increases one's Google ranking. The process is entirely automated, and now that Capture One allows for third party plug-ins, users can easily and quickly reduce the file sizes of their JPEGs from within the program. The plug-in supports images of up to 128 megapixels, multicore processing, and batch resizing. I personally can't recommend the program enough; I definitely suggest checking it out.

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Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

Can you please mark this post with "Paid content"? Thanks.

Alex Cooke's picture

It's not paid content.

Marcus Joyce's picture

In fairness if it was it's still useful to know. Making 14MB jpegs about 2-3 a piece is great when transferring files can be slow. Even if you upload for slideshow it's a much better experience for the viewer too

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

Fair enough, but it reads like a big advertising. Especially the last two sentences.

Marcus Joyce's picture

Yes and you are right to double check.

Paul Lindqvist's picture

Making such claims without any substantial proof is simply poor judgement. I can advice and suggest people to try all kinds of different gear/software. Just Beacuse you like something and find it useful does not mean you're paid.

Elio Rivero's picture

The link is a B&H affiliate link, note the BI=6857&KBID=7410
So in a way, this is an indirectly paid article. If it was merely informative, they would've linked to

Benoit .'s picture

One could argue that a direct link would look like an obvious paid content. This one however didn't bug me like the recent Sony posts. There will always be some connection to the manufacturer or the source of the product and most to me are acceptable. I personally had never heard of JPEGmini. I don't look to improve jpg, so paying $89 is not for me, but I did learn something from this post.

Paul Lindqvist's picture

Oh yeah, the big conspiracy! Seriously some of you need to get a hobby..

Jonas Karlsson's picture

It does a worse job compressing images than lightroom or photoshop from my testing.

Rayann Elzein's picture

Mind backing this up? Or telling us how you manage? Because I never succeeded in getting such a light file out of Photoshop or Lightroom without seriously degrading the quality of the image. JPEGmini has been a blessing ever since I use it.

Jonas Karlsson's picture

I just exported a few images, both color and BW from lightroom at about 75% quality. Ran them through jpegmini. Then i went back to lightroom and exported the images again directly to the size that the images had when they came out of jpegmini and overlayed them in photoshop and pixelpeeped them. And the image that had come straight out of lightroom at, lets say 250kb looked better than the one that had come out of lightroom at 2mb and then been shrunk by jpegmini to 250kb.

Stu G.'s picture

You're double compressing a lossy format with JPEGmini and only compressing once with LR. You don't see the flaw in your logic? Garbage in, garbage out. Input in both applications has to be the highest, uncompressed quality. Either directly use the JPEGmini Export-plugin in LR or export an uncompressed JPG out of LR (apparently TIFF does not work with JPEGmini).

Howling Basset's picture

Yay!!! Great news :-)

Marcus Joyce's picture

In the mean time looks at iPads and wants to break free from laptops and desktops

Deleted Account's picture

People are still bothered about jpg compression?
Not one client has ever complained about the native LR output.

SAAM SAAM's picture

It make a huge difference when you using online storage. Compressed jpeg take less time to upload and take less storage = save time and money

SAAM SAAM's picture

I wonder how fast it is compare to jpegmini pro standalone when exporting 100+ photos.
The Lightroom Plugin is awful in performance because the programmed it as single threaded tool while the standalone is multi threaded.
You should benchmark it.