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Is the Canon R8 the Best Entry Level Full Frame Camera?

The Canon R8 is an affordable $1,500 full frame camera that is packed full of features. Is this currently the best entry-level full frame camera on the market for the price and how does it perform in wildlife photography? In this video, Simon d'Entremont covers the pros and cons in more detail.

Behind the Scenes of Bird Photography in Scotland

Bird photography is a challenging discipline to master and it's even more difficult when you are in locations that have erratic and invasive weather. In this video, Brent Hall goes to Scotland to shoot birds on cliffs and in rivers, with Scottish weather behaving exactly as it always does: poorly.
Photographing Orca And Puffins in Shetland

In this video, join Scottish photographer Adam Russell from The Nonsense Adventures as he visits the Shetland Islands off Scotland in search of some of the UK's amazing wildlife, which includes Orca, Puffins, and a Basking Shark.

Incredible Bird Photographer Shares Her Secret Tips

Bird photography is one of the most beloved subgenres of the craft and one of the most difficult. In this video, a professional bird photographer goes through her best tips on how you can capture some beautiful images of our feathery friends.
Why You Should Use Commercial Photography Hides

The use of commercial photography hides can be a controversial subject amongst wildlife photographers. In this article, I discuss the pros of such hides and how they can help you photograph those more elusive animals.

How to Take Great Wildlife Photos With Budget Gear

Wildlife photography can be a tremendously enjoyable genre, but it can also often need a heavy dose of rather expensive specialized equipment. Nonetheless, you can still create fantastic images with affordable cameras and lenses. This useful video tutorial will give you a range of useful tips to help you get the most out of budget equipment and still come home with excellent photos.

Namibia: Tips for a Photography Road Trip Across Southern Africa

Preparation is key when it comes to planning a trip to Namibia — a true land of extremes that can only be fairly described using hyperbole. As beautiful as Namibia is, to get the most out of your trip, you need to be prepared and well organized. Here are my tips for bringing back the best wildlife and landscape photographs from a trip across Southern Africa.

Editing Tips That Can Transform Your Photos

Sometimes even the most beautiful moment captured doesn't quite translate into the final image. In these circumstances, it might be a mistake you made while shooting, but it could also be something that can be fixed in post-production.
6 Common Wildlife Photography Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Wildlife photography is a challenging genre that requires sound technique, specialized equipment, particular knowledge, and heaps of patience, often for just a few seconds of prime opportunity for a shot. Whether you are new to the genre or a seasoned pro, this helpful video tutorial will show you six common mistakes wildlife photographers make and how to fix them or avoid them in the first place.

How to Choose the Right Shutter Speed for Bird in Flight Photos

Getting tack-sharp photos of birds in flight is not easy, but when you get it right, the results can be stunning. One of the most fundamental aspects of this is choosing the correct shutter speed. If you are new to bird photography and wondering how to go about selecting the right shutter speed, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced photographer showing you everything you need to know.

How to Photograph Your Pets

Pets are some of our closest companions, and even if you do not want to photograph them professionally, knowing how to capture them well can help you create wonderful memories that you will treasure for years to come. If you want to improve your pet photography, check out this helpful video tutorial that will give you a wide range of useful advice sure to improve your images.

How to Photograph Deer and Massive Mushrooms

In this informative video, "The Outsiders," Rob Cottle and Geraint Radford head out into the wilds of South Wales to photograph deer. Along the way, they talk about wildlife photography techniques, the kit they use to get the photos, and dabbling in close-up and macro photography.

The Sigma 60-600mm vs the Sony 200-600mm: Best Wildlife Zoom Lens Shootout

Lens makers these days are coming up with some incredible options that were unheard of just a few short years ago. That continues here, with the Sigma 60-600mm f/4.5-6.3 lens put up against the Sony 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 in a battle for the title of best wildlife lens. You could also make a case for it being an action sports lens shootout too. So, how do they perform, and which comes out on top?

The Best Images from GuruShots "Mostly White" Challenge

Some of the most stunning images have the simplest color schemes, which is why Gurushots "Mostly White" challenge produced some stunning photos. Gurushots hosts "The World’s Greatest Photo Game,” with regular challenges in which they invite participants to submit and rate photos within a certain theme. In this latest challenge, thousands of entries and millions of votes were submitted. Here are the three winners of the challenge as well as the top 60 rated images.

How to Set Up a Canon Camera for Wildlife Photography

The latest generation of Canon mirrorless cameras brings with it a nice array of features for wildlife photography, including fast continuous burst rates and advanced autofocus features. With such advanced systems, it is worth taking the time to customize the camera to your exact needs to ensure you have the best chances of getting those fleeting shots. This excellent video tutorial features an experienced wildlife photographer walking you through how he sets up his Canon camera.

5 Helpful Tips for Better Wildlife Photos

Wildlife photography is a challenging but rewarding genre that requires a lot of solid technique and specialized knowledge in order to create compelling images. If you are new to the genre and looking to improve, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will give you five helpful tips sure to put you on the right track to better wildlife shots.

How to Photograph One-Light Pet Portraits

Many of us have pets at home, and what better way to put your photographic skills to use than to create memorable portraits of your furry friends? This great video tutorial will show you how to use one light to create portraits of your pet that capture all their happiness and personality.

The Best Cameras for Wildlife Photography at Every Price

Wildlife photography can be a tremendously rewarding genre, but it can be a bit hard to break into due to the extreme equipment often required and thus, the high cost barrier to entry. Nonetheless, there are more affordable options that can allow you to partake in the genre without breaking the bank. This great video will show you some of the best camera options at every price point.

How I Used the New Topaz Photo AI to Save My Low-light Wildlife Photographs

Topaz Labs, the company behind the wildly popular DeNoise AI, Sharpen AI, and Gigapixel AI, has made a huge change. These apps, once a triad of separate programs to fix your photographs, are now combined into one beefy app that is here to save the day. Meet Topaz Photo AI, your new best post-processing friend. Let me show you how I used it to save my low-light wildlife photographs.

21 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a challenging genre that often requires strong technique, specialized knowledge and equipment, and a lot of patience. Whether you are a new wildlife photographer or a longtime pro, this excellent video tutorial will give you 21 tips sure to help you create more compelling wildlife photos.

Pushing a Camera to its Limits on a Low Light Husky Ride

If you want to know how good your camera is, pushing its abilities as far as they will go is the way to find out. Combining speed, vibration, and low light stretches its photographic capabilities, and flying mud, rain, and thick fog help too.

We Review the Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DG DN OS Sports Lens for Sony E

In working for Fstoppers, we often get the chance to test and review new gear. When an assignment to try the new Sigma 150-600mm popped up, my ears instantly perked up. Superzooms are my secret weapon, and I am excited to share the results of my testing with you.

Are You Getting Too Close To Your Animal Subjects?

When it comes to bird and wildlife photography, getting as close as possible without disturbing the animal is often the name of the game. However, there is an issue of geometry that can sometimes ruin your shot. This excellent video will show you why sometimes, you are better off getting farther away from your subject to get the best possible shot.

5 Helpful Dog Photography Tips From The Dogist

Dog photography can be a tremendously fun and rewarding genre, but it also takes a fair amount more skill than it might seem on the surface. Whether it is something you would like to make money from or you are simply trying to capture some nice memories of your own pups, check out this great video tutorial that features an experienced dog photographer sharing five useful tips to improve your work.

This "Dogist" Has Photographed Over 50,000 Dogs

Elias Weiss Friedman, better known as The Dogist, has photographed over 50,000 dogs in his career, and as such, he has learned a thing or two along the way. If you are a lover of dogs and photography, check out this fantastic video interview with The Dogist, in which he reveals why he prefers photographing dogs over people and offers a lot of fun insight into his work.

The Journey to Finding Your Style as a Photographer

Are you struggling to find your style as a photographer? In teaching photography, I am often asked how you even know what your style should be. This is both the easiest and hardest question. Let me explain why.

Check Out This Amazing DIY Pond for Filming Wildlife

One of the most difficult aspects of wildlife and bird photography is finding your subjects and having the patience to wait for them to come into position in frame. So, what if you could make your own spot that you knew would attract wildlife? This photographer and filmmaker designed and built his own pond for bird and wildlife photography, and this awesome video shows the location and the beautiful footage he gets there.

Can You Take Decent Bird Shots in Low Light With a Narrow Aperture?

Bird photography is a genre that requires long focal lengths, wide apertures, and fast shutter speeds, making it a nightmare scenario for consumer zooms. So, can you still get good photos in challenging low-light situations? This great video takes a look.

5 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Bird Photography

Bird photography is a difficult but fun genre that requires a combination of specialized technique, patience, creativity, and knowledge of how birds behave in order to get successful results. If you would like to improve your bird photography, check out this fantastic tutorial that will show you five tips sure to put you on the track to better images.

How to Photograph Shy Birds

Birds are some of the more easily spooked creatures out there, and as such, it can be particularly tricky to get close enough to photograph them before they fly away. One particularly useful tool is a blind, and this awesome video will show you both what it is and how it is used.

Winners: Picfair's Urban Wildlife Contest

Andrew Interisano, a digital advertising specialist and an amateur photographer, has won Picfair's Urban Wildlife Photography Awards. Scroll to see all of the category winners! Of note, all of Picfair's profits on winners print sales will go to global conservation non-profit Re:Wild.

Learn How This Eagle Photo Was Shot and Edited From Start to Finish

Bird photography is a challenging genre that requires a lot of patience and skill, but when you get things right, the results can be really rewarding. If you would like to improve your work, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you how a photographer shot and edited an eagle photo from start to finish.

Tips for Photographing the World's Largest Land Predator in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic

Have you ever thought of taking a trip to the sub-Arctic or Arctic to photograph polar bears and their habitat? Ever thought it might be your destiny to come nose-to-nose with the largest predator living on land? My latest article for Bradt Guides' Travel Club is all about taking photos of polar bears and their environment. I thought I'd share some of the tips and photos here.

Are You Ready For Back in Person? Consider HOWL, an Ethical Wildlife Photography Conference

As the world slowly opens back up, it's time to consider photography conventions as a means to link back up with like-minded photographers. Postponed last year in the shadow of COVID-19, HOWL, A Wildlife Photo Convention is back. Even if you don't live close to Whitney, Ontario, the gateway to Algonquin, you can still attend virtually. HOWL is running October 21, 22, and 23, 2022.

How To Nail Your Exposure in Bird Photography Every Time

With fast action and rapidly changing backdrops, getting the correct exposure can be a real challenge in bird photography. With the right techniques and a bit of practice, however, you can ensure consistently correct exposures, and this fantastic video tutorial will show you everything you need to know.

How to Become a Successful Bird Photographer

Bird photography is not an easy genre in which to find success; it takes a fair amount of both specialized equipment and knowledge (a lot of which is outside photography) along with a lot of time, patience, and effort to find success. This great video features a few seasoned bird photographers discussing how to navigate the road to success in bird photography and some of the important lessons they learned along the way.

5 Great Tips to Help You Take Better Pet Portraits

Whether you want to do it professionally, donate your talents to a shelter, or just want to create some nice memories of your favorite pup or kitty, pet photography can be a tremendously fun and rewarding thing to do. No matter why you are doing it, this excellent video tutorial featuring an experienced pet photographer will give you five great tips that are sure to help you get better results.

Picfair's Urban Wildlife Photography Awards

Picfair is sponsoring a new Urban Wildlife Photography Awards competition intended to celebrate our growing connection with urban wildlife. Enter here. Hurry, entries close May 31, 2022 at midnight.

How to Take a Great Bird Photo From Start to Finish

Bird photography is a challenging genre, requiring top-level technique, specialized equipment, and an excellent understanding of animal behavior to produce compelling images, but when you get it all right, the results can be stunning. If you would like to improve your bird photos, check out this fantastic video tutorial by an experienced bird photographer that will show you everything that goes into making a compelling bird image from start to finish.

Call for Entry: The Mkapa African Wildlife Photography Awards

Following the success of its inaugural competition last year, the African Wildlife Foundation and Nature's Best Photography have launched the second annual Mkapa African Wildlife Photo Awards. Get your entries in before the June 1, 2022 deadline.

How to Capture Sharp Photos of Birds in Flight

When it comes to photos of birds in flight, few other things matter if the final image is not sharp. If you would like to make sure your photos of birds in flight are nice and crisp, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will give you a range of tips as well as a nice discussion on what makes a compelling image of a bird in flight.

What You Need to Know to Take Fantastic Pet Photos

Whether you want to make it a business, volunteer your time and skills for shelter pets in need, or just want to create better memories of your own furry friends, pet photography is a specialized skill that takes some careful technique and knowledge. If you are ready to improve your pet photography, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you everything you need to know from the best gear to lighting, camera settings, working with treats, and more.

Five Keys to Working in the Adventure Travel Industry With G Adventures, Frontiers North, and Oryx Photo Tours

Wanted: Photographers to shoot in exotic, sometimes inaccessible locales. Needed: Photographer to set up shop and work with clients among the icebergs and penguins of Antarctica, the bears and icy tundra of Hudson Bay, the apex predators on the wide-open veldts of the Serengeti or Maasai Mara. If this sounds like something you yearn for, how does the position of photography guide sound?

Can You Do Wildlife Photography on a Budget?

When it comes to serious wildlife photography, it generally takes some of the most advanced equipment out there to get the best possible shots, as you will often be dealing with situations with low light and a faraway subject, requiring fast shutter speeds, quick burst rates, great autofocus, and lenses with long focal lengths and large apertures. However, such equipment is often extremely expensive. So, what can you accomplish with low-end budget gear? This great video takes a look.