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Building an Online Business in the Landscape Photography Genre

We all dream of becoming full-time doing what we love, and in 2022 it seems more possible than ever. The landscape photography genre, however, isn’t always as lucrative as wedding or portrait photography can be. So how do you create a sustainable and solid income in this field, which channels are the ones to focus on, and which are not worth your precious time?

After Banning Some Third-Party Lenses, What Does Canon's RF Future Look Like?

Recently, Canon banned the production and sales of some third-party lenses for its RF mount cameras. Many photography enthusiasts bemoaned the decision and claimed Canon would lose out because of it. Now that Canon has confirmed the prohibition, what does the future look like for its RF mount cameras and lenses?

Dealing With Burnout as a Professional Photographer

Being a professional photographer is a demanding career that requires you to wear many hats and rarely allows time to catch one's breath. As such, burnout is a common issue among professional photographers. So, when you experience it, what can you do? This excellent video essay features an experienced photographer discussing his experiences with burnout and how he handles it.

Weird Gear Buying Advice I Wish I Got Earlier

There is a ton of gear buying advice on the internet. It ranges from people telling you to spend thousands on gear, to people saying all you need is a stick and a brick. I try to be somewhere in between and buy gear based on factors such as return on investment, need versus want, and return on creativity.

10 Photo and Video Business Mistakes

Being good with a camera and having creative vision is, of course, crucial to becoming a successful professional, but it is far from the only requirement. It takes a lot of business savvy in combination with those aforementioned skills in order to make a reasonable income. This excellent video tutorial discusses 10 common business mistakes photo and video creatives make and how to fix or avoid them altogether.

How You Can Start Making Money by Doing Photography

One of the questions I had when starting out was how to get jobs. How to turn my hobby into money? The advice on the internet was few and far between. So, here is my advice to anyone who wants to take the next step and make some cash from their art.

6 Tips for Dealing With Unhappy Clients

If you are a photographer, I can guarantee you that somewhere along the line, you will have a client who is unhappy with your work. In fact, I’m sorry to say that there will be more than one, especially if you have a thriving business. When the dreaded “I’m not happy with my photos” email arrives, it can easily suck the joy out of your entire day. But not all is lost, and in this article and accompanying video, I present six tips for dealing with unhappy clients.

Are You Doing This on Instagram? If Not, You Should Be

Social media sometimes feels like the devil incarnate. But if you're a photographer trying to harness social media for your business or your brand, then you have to play the smart game. For Instagram users, this will help you.

5 Photographers That You Don’t Want to Be

There’s no single sure way to being successful as a photographer. However, there are a handful of examples around that definitely teach you what not to do if you want to attain success.

Photography on a Budget

While photography definitely isn’t the cheapest business you could get into, you can definitely get started on a budget. Here are my tips for being prudent with your money as you start out.

Running a Photography Business With a Chronic Illness

If you've ever experienced a flare or diagnosis of a chronic illness while being self-employed, you'll understand the overwhelm of navigating your health and your business interests. It can be hard to focus on rest and recovery when you're fearful about the longevity of your business and the cash flow you need to live.

4 Podcasts To Help You Navigate Your Photography Side Hustle 

Listen up! Whether you have a full-fledged career in photography, the pandemic got you exploring it as your side hustle, or you are just dreaming of taking your hobby to the next level, then look no further. These podcasts will educate, enthuse, and enable you to make your dream career of camera (and paycheck) in hand, come true.

The Trouble With Instagram

If I promise to not curse and do my best to keep my rants to a minimum, can we have a discussion about the ongoing dilemma for photographers which is Instagram?

How to Get More Gigs as a Wedding Second Shooter

If you are looking to break into the wedding industry, one of the best things you can do is become a second shooter. If you are ready to start picking up more second shooter gigs, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced wedding photographer offering seven tips to help land more bookings.

Should You Specialize or Be a Generalist Photographer?

When most photographers start out, they photograph a wide range of genres and eventually find one or a few genres they enjoy and would like to specialize in. If you want to start making money from your photography, you will encounter an important question: should you specialize or be a generalist? This excellent video features an experienced photographer discussing the question and offerings some useful advice.

How to Maintain Your Wedding Photography Business During a Recession

There is a good chance we are currently headed toward an economic recession, and as such, wedding photographers should consider how to ensure their business will be ready if such a downturn arrives. This helpful video tutorial features an experienced wedding photographer discussing how to prepare yourself for a recession to ensure that you are in a position to survive or even thrive when one arrives.

Is the Red Komodo the Right Camera for You?

Here are a few thoughts from getting to spend a couple months with a powerful if pint-sized cinema camera from one of the industry’s leading brands.

Should You Delete Old Instagram Posts or Hide Like Counts?

Most photographers have had an Instagram account for several years now, and as such, they have each accumulated likely hundreds of even thousands of posts. Most people will simply leave their old posts up, but for professional creatives, there is an argument to be made for removing older entries. So, should you remove those old posts? Should you hide like counts on your images? This interesting video podcast discusses these questions.

How Much Money Can You Make With Photography in One Week?

Any photography enthusiast who works a 9-to-5 job has probably wondered what it would be like to walk away from that day job and make all of their income through photography. This can be a scary endeavor, especially if you don’t have a specific plan in place to find clients.

Guess Which Study Photographers Ranked #1 Worst In

We've all heard of the stereotype of "the starving artist," but a new study from the UK put concrete numbers on this portrayal, showing that graduates with a degree in photography truly do (on average) become starving artists. Adding insult to injury, the study reveals that photographers are not only on the list, they are ranked the worst for post-graduates making low income. Ouch.

A Recession Guide for Photographers

You've heard your industry colleagues say it. You've read the news articles and listened to the business pundits. The economy is in a recession, and your photography business is suffering.

The Mistake That Cost This Photographer $100,000

$100,000 is a lot of money. Perhaps life-changing for many among us. But that's how much this photographer insists he lost due to a regrettable mistake. Learn what it is so you don't do the same.

Are Sneak Peeks Hurting Your Photography Business?

The sneak peek has been an indispensable part of my photography business, providing clients with a few quick photos right after a shoot to "whet their appetite," so to speak. But is it a bad idea overall?

The Fundamentals of Starting a Photography Business

You can spend years working on perfecting your technique and developing your creative voice, and while those are crucial to finding success as a professional, they are not all you need. Understanding the ins and outs of running a business is a requirement of being a professional photographer, and this great video tutorial will run you through some of the things you need to know.

How to Write a Proper Wedding Photography Contract

No matter what genre you shoot, a good contract is essential to ensuring smooth client interactions and protecting you in case something goes wrong, but in wedding photography, it is a particularly important thing to take care of. This helpful video tutorial will walk you through an effective wedding photography contract to make sure you are on the up and up.

Templates to Save Time in Your Client Workflow

Do you ever find yourself repeating yourself over and over again to prospective clients in your workflow? If so, here are the templates I’ve created that both anticipate my clients’ questions and save me valuable time in my product photography business.

Important Photography Income Streams

One of the things the pandemic taught us is how important it is to diversify one's income streams, particularly when events entirely outside our control can put those streams in serious jeopardy. The nice thing about photography, though, is that (depending on your genre at bit, admittedly) there are a lot of ways to make money from images besides simply shooting for a client who then pays you for your services. This great video essay features an experienced photographer discussing the importance of income streams.

How to Deal With Dissatisfied Photo Clients

If you do photography professionally, you are going to eventually have a dissatisfied client. It is something that happens to all of us, and it is not even always your fault. So, what can you do when that happens? This excellent video tutorial offers some helpful advice that will make it easier to handle those difficult situations.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Professional Photographer?

Becoming a professional photographer is a dream of many, but the road to getting there is anything but short and straight. So, how long does it take to actually get there? This great video features an experienced photographer discussing the journey and offering some helpful insight and tips for finding success along the way.

What Gear Does a Professional Photographer Really Need?

When you are a hobbyist, you can drop whatever money you can reasonably afford on gear if it makes you happy. However, when you are a professional, gear is a business expense, and as such, you have to pay more careful attention to its impact on your bottom line and if you truly need it. This great video tutorial features an experienced photographer discussing just what gear a professional really needs.

10 Mistakes This Full Time YouTuber Made That You Can Avoid

It is the dream of many to become a full-time YouTuber or content creator, particularly in photography. It is, however, an arduous pursuit with a low success rate. This full-time YouTuber goes through his top 10 mistakes and how you can avoid them.

5 Questions To Ask on a Discovery Call

You’ve received an enquiry from a potential new client and you’re looking forward to booking them in. Here are five questions to ask on your discovery call to make sure you understand what the client needs and that you can quote for the job accurately.