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Why You Need to Do Things You Don't Like to Be a Successful Professional Photographer

It would be nice if finding financial success as a photographer was as easy as taking great pictures and being paid for them, but it involves so much more than what you do behind the camera and often requires you to do things you might not really enjoy. This excellent video essay features an experienced professional discussing why you have to "play the game" if you want to make photography a career.

Common Photography Business Mistakes and How to Fix Them

It is one thing to be a good photographer, but running a successful photo business takes a large set of skills that have nothing to do with a camera. If you are new to working as a professional, check out this fantastic video tutorial that discusses some common business mistakes photographers make and how to fix them.

How Much I Made From YouTube Full-Time in 2022

While my focus revolves around landscape photography, much of the information I break down through this article would apply to any photography content channel. I've been doing YouTube full time for over two years. This is a breakdown of all of my revenue from 2022.
You Can’t Be a Professional Photographer Without Having This

There are only a select few truly universal things that every photographer must have. While you may think of the obvious, such as cameras, lenses, bags, and other kit, we won't talk about any of these in this particular article. Instead, we will talk more about a service that every photographer must use in order to be a real pro.

The One Reason You Should Not Give Up Photography

The time has finally come. Leading to this moment, you sat in the hot sun for hours, waiting for the grazing of the bird’s toe on the water, creating mesmerizing concentric circles, and boom: you got it!

How to Get Photo Clients From Instagram

While a website is important, depending on what you shoot, an up-to-date Instagram account can be just as (or arguably more) important for providing a place for clients to find and contact you. If you would like to increase your bookings on Instagram, check out this fantastic video tutorial that shares five tips to help you do that, even if you do not have a lot of followers.

Is It Time for You to Quit Photography? Signs to Look Out For

Although rare, we all have the thought of quitting photography at one point or another. Despite being young, I have been told to quit several times already, all before even starting. In this article, I want to highlight some valuable reasons why and when you should consider quitting photography.

Google Photos Tests Game-Changing AI Photo Transformation Tool

Google Photos is pushing the boundaries of image editing, testing a new feature that uses generative AI to transform photos in a groundbreaking way. Last week, I talked about Google Photos's revolutionary changes to their search feature, and today, we're going to explore the editing features themselves. Named the "Magic Editor," this innovative tool promises to offer a level of manipulation that allows users to make drastic changes to their photos seamlessly.

Are You Making This Common Mistake When Dealing With Failure?

One of the most common reactions to failure is saying that you will try harder next time. It’s an easy, quite popular way of dealing with failure at one thing or another. However, simply trying harder and expecting a different result is hardly a great way to progress. Here’s why it doesn’t work, and here is what does.

How to Increase Your Photo Bookings

Every professional wants to book more clients, of course, but how to actually go about doing so is not always obvious. If that is something you would like to accomplish, but you are unsure of how to approach it, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced photographer that shares three useful tips that will put you on the right track.

An Honest Look at Your Chances of Being a Professional Photographer

Professional photography is a challenging career choice, taking a wide range of skills and tough skin. If that is something you are considering, check out this fantastic video essay that features an experienced professional photographer discussing what it takes to be a professional and the chances of finding success.

How to Create a Stunning Home Studio on a Budget: My Home Studio Secrets

Have you ever fantasized about transforming a corner of your home into a professional photography haven? Are you eager to cut costs, minimize stress, and craft remarkable images for your clients, all from the comfort of your own space? If so, this article is for you. As a seasoned headshot and portrait photographer, I've recently transitioned from a sprawling industrial studio in Richmond, Virginia to my cozy, basement-based studio in Atlanta, and I couldn't be more delighted.

5 Crucial Details to Discuss With Clients Before a Shoot

Doing photography professionally does not only require you to be good at taking pictures. There are additional competencies that one must have to be able to provide what your clients need and one of the most important ones is communication.

When to Go Full-time With Your Photography Business

I've been a full-time photographer for almost 15 years now, and I remember the pain of swapping my part-time hobby to be my full-time career. Katelyn James looks at how, when, and why you'd want to do this and lists the three key steps to consider if you decide to go full-time.

Several Different Ways to Make Money as a Photographer

There are several different ways to make money as a photographer, and the more you can diversify your income streams, the more you can ensure financial security. If you are working on improving your photography business, check out this helpful video tutorial that shows you several different ways you can use your photography business to make money.

A Game-Changing Search Update: Google Photos

Google Photos is in the process of testing an enhanced search feature that allows users to perform complex queries, making it simpler and more efficient to find and manage photos within the platform. By catering to detailed and specific queries, users can locate their desired images with greater ease, thereby improving their overall experience.

We Critique Photos We Took Before Starting Fstoppers

One of the hardest, cringiest things any photographer can do is go back and look at the images they created early in their career. In this video, Lee Morris and I revisit some of our best and worst images taken prior to launching How bad are these photos? Let's find out!

5 Way ChatGPT Can Help You Improve Your Business

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, and while it has some people rolling their eyes at the invasion of AI, it has a lot of potential as a business tool, and it is well worth taking the time to at least consider if it is something you should incorporate into your workflow. If you have not checked it out yet, this awesome video will show you five different ways you can use it to improve your photography business.

When Is It Right to Go Full-time With Your Photography?

Becoming a full-time photographer can be a really exciting time, but it can be tremendously difficult to know when it is the right time to take the risk and step into the world of running your own business. If you find yourself considering that move, check out this helpful video that features an experience wedding photographer sharing three things to carefully consider before you make the jump to professional photography.

Things Professional Photographers Should Invest In

Where you invest your money as a professional photographer is one of the most important decisions you can make, and as such, it is something worth of careful consideration to ensure you are not wasting your money on unneeded gimmicks. This helpful video tutorial features an experienced pro sharing what he invests in to ensure he can do his job easily and deliver the best possible images.

Here's What Happens When You Post for Two Weeks Straight on Major Platforms

Social media is a necessary evil for a lot of photographers, as it is the place where many potential clients will see your work and first contact you. However, with so many platforms and the need for continued, consistent posting, you might wonder where your time and efforts are best spent. This great video features a filmmaker discussing the results from a two-week experiment of posting to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

A Look at How to Sell Photo Prints in 2023

Prints will always be in style: no matter how good digital displays are, people love tactile manifestations of images for a variety of applications: homes, offices, and more. So, how do you go about selling prints in 2023? This excellent video tutorial will give you a wide range of useful advice.

How to Deal With Rejection as a Freelance Photographer

When going freelance in any profession, you will get faced with rejection after rejection. Not getting enough love on social media, emails not being replied to, and inquiries not leading to bookings are frustrating parts of running a self-employed photography business. “Don’t take it personally,” they say. But how?

What Is Art?

We all know what art is, right? Or maybe not.

The Oversaturation of Photography: Is Social Media Killing the Photographer's Eye?

Without a doubt, social media has revolutionized the experience, dissemination, and even creation of photographs. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter have leveled the playing field in a lot of ways, allowing photographers to instantly share their work with hundreds or thousands of followers. Combined with the availability of high-quality cameras in smartphones and social media algorithms, the number of images disseminated to the world has absolutely exploded. Despite this democratization of the craft, has social media actually diminished the value of photography?

How to Earn Extra Money From Your Photography

What if I told you there is a social media platform on which you can earn money whenever somebody likes your content? And it's not owned by a big corporation but is governed by its community. In this article, I share my experience with such a platform that has been around for several years already.

Shutterfest 2023: Unlocking the F.U.N.damentals of Photography

Shutterfest stands out as my favorite photography conference to attend each year! As I write this, I am wrapping up day three of the affair. I always look forward to the various workshops, lectures, and unique experiences available throughout this fun-filled event like no other.

Why You're Being Ghosted by Potential Clients

How many times have you had a promising conversation started with a potential client, only for them to simply stop responding to you, never completing a booking? It is a very frustrating but also very common experience. This helpful video tutorial shares some useful advice and techniques to decrease that ghosting rate and land more clients.

Beware of This NFT Scam

In this article, I share my experience with a new NFT marketplace called There's not much information available about it online. The domain has been registered just a little over a month ago, and the homepage currently feels like a work in progress. Because more and more photographers seem to get contacted to sell NFTs on this site, it's important to determine if it's legit.

Improve Your Photography Website Without Shooting Anything New

It’s time to spring-clean your photography website! Don’t leave it until you've finally shot that new body of work you’ve been meaning to shoot. There are several things you can do to your website to freshen it up without shooting new images first.

Are TFP Photo Shoots Really a Trade or Is Someone Simply Working for Free?

Collaborating with models for trade shoots, often referred to as TFP (Time for Print), provides a wealth of benefits to both parties involved. In this type of collaboration, neither party charges for their services, but both receive valuable assets in the form of high-quality images that can be used to build their respective portfolios.

5 Helpful Tips to Improve Your Portrait Photography Portfolio

Your portfolio is your calling card and is the place where most potential customers will make the decision to pursue hiring you or not. As such, your portfolio deserves a lot of careful consideration. This helpful video tutorial features an experienced photographer sharing five tips to help you improve the quality of your portrait portfolio.

Maximizing Your Potential: A Guide for Building Value and Setting Competitive Prices

As a photographer, understanding your place in the market is essential to the success of your business. Whether you are just starting out or are an established photographer, it's important to have a clear understanding of your competition, your preferred target audience, and demand for the photography services you offer.

How You Can Take a Break From Photography and Still Build Your Business

Being a professional photographer can be extremely demanding and can easily lead to burnout and/or a loss of passion for the craft. And yet, many professionals persevere into that dangerous territory out of the need to constantly churn out fresh material. It does not always have to be that way, though. This interesting video features a seasoned professional discussing how he stepped away from his camera for a couple of months but still moved his business forward.

Why Photographers Shouldn’t Ignore LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just a platform for jobseekers; it is a powerful networking and marketing channel for entrepreneurs, such as photographers. If you ever serve other businesses with your photography, then LinkedIn is a great place online to find and connect with the right people in your niche. As they say, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Things You Should Be Doing When Booking Photography Clients

You can be proficient with a camera and lighting and have a strong creative voice, but to find success as a professional photographer takes strong business skills as well. If that is something you are new to and you would like to improve, check out this great video tutorial that will give you some helpful advice for the process of booking new clients to help you increase your chances of landing the job.

5 Hacks to Make You a More Productive Photographer

One of the challenging things about running a photography business is that, unlike a regular job, we have to give ourselves all the structure to stay on track and to be productive. If that is something you struggle with, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you five useful hacks to make you a more productive photographer.

Tips on How to Make Your Photography a Career

Photography is a wonderful hobby to have and it's the passion of many, but most who pick up a camera will debate turning it into a career. If you're thinking about it, here are some tips.
The Actual Daily Life of a Professional Photographer

No doubt, you need to be good with a camera and have a strong creative voice to find success as a professional photographer, but there is a lot more to that life than simply taking images for money. If you aspire to be a professional photographer, check out this great video that will show you the ins and outs of a typical photographer's day and everything it takes to keep a business running.