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The Death of Social Media: A Warning to Photographers

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you'll probably have noticed that many social media platforms have been heading downhill. Here's how to best prepare for the social media storms ahead.

Post-pandemic: The State of Creatives in 2022

We are quickly approaching the three-year mark since the pandemic, and most creatives have found their new normal. Our new "normals" are all unique, but the common thread is a re-evaluation of our goals, priorities, and non-negotiables as working artists. WeTransfer and TRIPTK polled over 6,500 artists from 180 countries about success, fulfillment, and happiness. The 57-page report was released as The 2022 Ideas Report, and I'm here to share the results. First, let's start with a quiz. Grab a pen, and let's see how on target you are with the state of the industry.

4 Things Every Budding Professional Photographer Needs to Learn

The road to becoming a successful professional photographer has many aspects to it, ranging from the photo work itself through business practice and more. If you would like to one day make money from your images, check out this helpful video tutorial that features an experienced pro discussing four things you need to learn on the photography side of things.

Useful Tips for Planning Your First Headshot

Photographing headshots can be a great entry point into a career as a professional photographer. Or if you have a few years under your belt, they can be an excellent source of additional income alongside your main field in photography.

How To Avoid a Big Time-waster as a Professional Photographer

Being a professional photographer takes many skills beyond simply what you can do with a camera and a computer. Chief among them is the ability to manage time well and cut out any inefficiencies. This great video tutorial features an experienced professional discussing a simple way to cut down on a lot of wasted time and the frustration that comes with it.

4 Photography Pricing Tips to Charge More Per Client

Most photographers focus their business growth strategies on booking more clients. However, the most financially savvy photographers understand the full revenue equation, i.e. revenues equals the number of clients multiplied by the average revenue per client. So, for example, if you want to double your revenue next year, you can either double the amount of bookings or you can double the revenue you make for each booking. In this article, we’ll teach you photography pricing tips to help you charge more for each client that you book.

How This Photographer Got to $500 Per Day

The internet is wall-to-wall packed with people telling you they make ridiculous amounts of money in all different ways, only to go on to sell you a course that does make them money. Well, in this video, Evan Ranft gives his honest breakdown of how he has managed to get his income to such a desirable amount.

Why Photography Is a Never-ending Journey

Today, I’d like to take a charitable break from discussing gear, to chat about something I’ve found to be far more important to understand about photography.

How to Book More Photo and Video Clients

You can watch endless videos about lens reviews and Instagram for photographers on YouTube. Very few channels offer business advice that moves the needle for photographers.

3 Photography Marketing Tricks and Hacks That Actually Work!

Photographers understand that marketing is essential to attracting new clients and growing their business. However, marketing strategies are constantly evolving, so what worked in the past isn’t always going to work in the present or future. In this article, we will share three photography marketing tricks and hacks that actually work based on our 12-plus years of experience operating a successful multi-shooter studio!

How Do You Find Your Photography Niche?

The overwhelming majority of professional photographers will tell you that if you want to find success, you need to specialize. However, when you are first starting out, you will probably find a lot of different genres exciting. So, how do you narrow it down to the right focus for you? This awesome video tutorial features an experienced professional photographer laying out a three-step plan for finding your niche as a photographer.

Would You Fall for This Suspicious Photography Assignment?

Photography scams are something that we all need to be on guard against. These scams often come our way in the form of poorly worded emails that we instantly delete. Atlanta wedding photographers Jaimie Dee and her husband Kyle were recently targeted by a rather elaborate variation of a classic photography scam. Fortunately, they didn’t fall for the con. How might you fare if you were targeted by the scam detailed below?

How a Photographer Runs His Business

Running a successful photography business that brings in sufficient income takes a lot more than simply being good with a camera and knowing how to light a shot. This excellent video tutorial features an experienced professional discussing how he runs his business and offering some helpful insight.

Protect Your Photography Business

In the midst of cancel culture, it's easy to make a misstep as a photographer. Sometimes, a seemingly harmless act could tarnish your reputation. I created this video because following these actions helped me, and I hope that it also serves you.

Why I Used to Hate Making Wedding Albums

Before I created Fstoppers, I was a full-time wedding photographer. Over that time, I designed a handful of wedding albums as both show albums and as client albums. To be honest, I never really enjoyed the album-making process. Now, the tables have turned, and for my wife's first year anniversary gift, I decided to make an album with images from my own wedding. How will my wife respond, and will I enjoy the process? Let's find out!

Here’s Why You’re Not Getting Paying Clients

There's a part inside us all that wishes we were getting paid or paid more for our photography work. However, it's often the case that there are some perfectly logical reasons why we're not. Here are some great examples of why you're not getting paid clients.

Why You Should Work Dispassionately

Passion: I was raised in a generation that was spoon-fed it three square meals a day. My parents' generation, who were raised by the survivors of World War II, had a more tempered outlook. Then came my generation. We were systematically told we could be anything we wanted. The phrases, "live passionately" and "follow your passion" summoned us out of bed with ardor and launch full force into our dreams. My generation flocks by the millions to Burning Man and Tony Robins' conferences hoping to get another hit of zeal to keep going.

Why Thinking of Your Photography Business Competitively Can Hurt You

The professional photography space is crowded, and if you are trying to carve out your spot in it, it can feel like a very competitive pursuit. And while it is true that establishing and maintaining your business can be a very competitive thing, it can actually be detrimental to think of it that way. This excellent video details why that is and what a better approach might be.

33 Ways to Make Money With Your Photography

We can sometimes be a bit narrow-minded about what it means to be a professional photographer, but there are actually many great ways to make money with your camera. If you would like to get started, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you 33 different ways you can get paid for your photography.

Here’s Why Your Website and Socials Are Getting You Zero Photography Clients

One of the challenges for photographers who post online is learning to cultivate what we decide to post. When I was just getting started as a headshot photographer, I only had an occasional client, and the fact that I created a headshot at all was a huge accomplishment. Because of this, I would immediately post images from the session on my Instagram feed and website. As my clientele grew and I developed my own style, however, I realized that I needed to be much more selective in deciding why and when I post an image.

Building an Online Business in the Landscape Photography Genre

We all dream of becoming full-time doing what we love, and in 2022 it seems more possible than ever. The landscape photography genre, however, isn’t always as lucrative as wedding or portrait photography can be. So how do you create a sustainable and solid income in this field, which channels are the ones to focus on, and which are not worth your precious time?

After Banning Some Third-Party Lenses, What Does Canon's RF Future Look Like?

Recently, Canon banned the production and sales of some third-party lenses for its RF mount cameras. Many photography enthusiasts bemoaned the decision and claimed Canon would lose out because of it. Now that Canon has confirmed the prohibition, what does the future look like for its RF mount cameras and lenses?

Dealing With Burnout as a Professional Photographer

Being a professional photographer is a demanding career that requires you to wear many hats and rarely allows time to catch one's breath. As such, burnout is a common issue among professional photographers. So, when you experience it, what can you do? This excellent video essay features an experienced photographer discussing his experiences with burnout and how he handles it.

Weird Gear Buying Advice I Wish I Got Earlier

There is a ton of gear buying advice on the internet. It ranges from people telling you to spend thousands on gear, to people saying all you need is a stick and a brick. I try to be somewhere in between and buy gear based on factors such as return on investment, need versus want, and return on creativity.

10 Photo and Video Business Mistakes

Being good with a camera and having creative vision is, of course, crucial to becoming a successful professional, but it is far from the only requirement. It takes a lot of business savvy in combination with those aforementioned skills in order to make a reasonable income. This excellent video tutorial discusses 10 common business mistakes photo and video creatives make and how to fix or avoid them altogether.

How You Can Start Making Money by Doing Photography

One of the questions I had when starting out was how to get jobs. How to turn my hobby into money? The advice on the internet was few and far between. So, here is my advice to anyone who wants to take the next step and make some cash from their art.

6 Tips for Dealing With Unhappy Clients

If you are a photographer, I can guarantee you that somewhere along the line, you will have a client who is unhappy with your work. In fact, I’m sorry to say that there will be more than one, especially if you have a thriving business. When the dreaded “I’m not happy with my photos” email arrives, it can easily suck the joy out of your entire day. But not all is lost, and in this article and accompanying video, I present six tips for dealing with unhappy clients.

Are You Doing This on Instagram? If Not, You Should Be

Social media sometimes feels like the devil incarnate. But if you're a photographer trying to harness social media for your business or your brand, then you have to play the smart game. For Instagram users, this will help you.

5 Photographers That You Don’t Want to Be

There’s no single sure way to being successful as a photographer. However, there are a handful of examples around that definitely teach you what not to do if you want to attain success.

Photography on a Budget

While photography definitely isn’t the cheapest business you could get into, you can definitely get started on a budget. Here are my tips for being prudent with your money as you start out.

Running a Photography Business With a Chronic Illness

If you've ever experienced a flare or diagnosis of a chronic illness while being self-employed, you'll understand the overwhelm of navigating your health and your business interests. It can be hard to focus on rest and recovery when you're fearful about the longevity of your business and the cash flow you need to live.

4 Podcasts To Help You Navigate Your Photography Side Hustle 

Listen up! Whether you have a full-fledged career in photography, the pandemic got you exploring it as your side hustle, or you are just dreaming of taking your hobby to the next level, then look no further. These podcasts will educate, enthuse, and enable you to make your dream career of camera (and paycheck) in hand, come true.

The Trouble With Instagram

If I promise to not curse and do my best to keep my rants to a minimum, can we have a discussion about the ongoing dilemma for photographers which is Instagram?

How to Get More Gigs as a Wedding Second Shooter

If you are looking to break into the wedding industry, one of the best things you can do is become a second shooter. If you are ready to start picking up more second shooter gigs, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features an experienced wedding photographer offering seven tips to help land more bookings.