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Set the Mood of Your Images Easily Using Capture One's Color Balance Tool

When Capture One 9 was released about two years ago, one of the most noticeable features was the color balance tool. It makes color grading very visual and effortless, even if you don’t have a solid knowledge of color theory. Along with tethered capture mode, the layers introduced last December, and the default color profiles, it has become one of the primary reasons why Phase One’s software is the standard in the commercial, fashion, and beauty photography industry. In this six-minute long video, Zoë Noble will show you how it can set the mood of your images and help speed up your editing process.

Pratik Naik's Color Workflow via Capture One

With the effortless launch of Capture One 11, it only made sense to go back and share a hidden gem of a seminar that helped me greatly with color editing. Capture One's cutting-edge color editing ability, now combined with the newfound layer and opacity capability breathe a new sense of life into a process that can sometimes feel overwhelming and daunting.

Capture One 11 In-Depth Review

With the latest release of Capture One 11 following a recent Lucie Technical Award at PhotoPlus Expo, the best color correction software just got even better. Many of the features I have been longing for since adding Capture One to my workflow are now included, making it the ultimate post-production software on the market. Here's an in-depth look at the latest features and how they perform in a real-world workflow.

Fstoppers Reviews Capture One Film Styles Pack

Phase One has already released multiple Styles Pack since the beginning of the summer. Today, they announced their brand new Film Styles Pack and I had the chance to play around for a few days before it was officially announced. Rather than offering you a simple release article, I thought a review would be more useful. After four weddings and a couple of portrait sessions edited with it, here are my thoughts and why this might just be the perfect pack for VSCO lovers who rely on Capture One for their professional photo editing work.

Fstoppers Reviews Capture One Styles: Spectrum

As previously reported on Fstoppers, Capture One's new "Spectrum" Styles Pack is designed as a finishing tool for cinematic color grading applied to your photographs, providing a wide range of toning options for stunning yet subtle results that make no impact on exposure or contrast to keep the dynamic range in tact. Phase One offers a number of Styles as workflow-enhancing enhancements and time savers; Spectrum is the latest and at $49, the least expensive in their lineup. Here's what I found after putting the new style to the test.

Refine Your Images Contrast With This Simple Capture One Pro Tool

Capture One offers quite a few tools to adjust your raw files. It’s best known for its color editing capabilities, but luminosity adjustments are also very well designed. One of them was introduced last year with Capture One Pro 9, and it’s called the Luma Curve. It’s a powerful feature to adjust contrast manually while avoiding any color shift. Let’s see how it works and how it compares to an RGB curve.

Fstoppers Reviews: Tangent Wave Editing Panels for Capture One Pro 10

Color grading is one of the most powerful tools you have when it comes to elevating your images and video. One of the most frustrating and intimidating things about working with color is that it can often feel tedious and un-intuitive. Video editors often employ physical editing panels when color grading their work and now Tangent, one of the leading makings of video editing hardware have brought support for Capture One Pro 10 to their system.