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Behind the Scenes of a Landscape Shoot at Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is one of the most iconic locations on the planet and it is often photographed. However, shooting it at sunrise, in the fog, and with a drone are three slightly rarer occurrences, and all feature in this video!

Is This the Best Budget Drone Available?

The drone market has matured considerably in recent years, and photographers and filmmakers now have a variety of devices to choose from that fit just about every budget and set of needs. One of the more affordable options is the new DJI Mini 3, which packs a remarkable amount of tech is an extremely portable package. This great video review takes a look at the new drone and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

A Review of the New DJI Mini 3 Drone

DJI recently released the Mini 3, the latest entry in the company's respected and widely varied line of consumer drones. Despite coming in a remarkably portable package (8.8 oz or 249 g), the Mini 3 still comes with a wide range of modern features and capabilities. This excellent video review takes a look at the Mini 3 and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in usage.

9 Useful Drone Features You Might Have Overlooked

Drones have quickly evolved into powerful and sophisticated tools for aerial photography and filmmaking, making them desirable tools for a wide range of creatives and applications. In all that sophistication are a lot of nifty and useful features that are easy to overlook. This great video tutorial will show you nine great features you should check out on your drone.

The New DJI Mavic 3 Classic Drone: First Impressions

DJI has just released the Mavic 3 Classic. Very similar to the standard Mavic 3, the new DJI Mavic 3 Classic has one major difference that brings the price down significantly. Does that change compromise its performance or make it less attractive? Take a look at this pilot's first impressions.

The Future of Drone Development

Many of us associate DJI with their dominance in the drone market for photo and video; however, there is an entire world of enterprise solutions that you might know about. These are innovations that could even show up in the next drone you purchase.

9 Tips for Successful Drone Flights

Drones are more popular, powerful, and portable than ever, and they offer you the ability to get photos and videos from perspectives that simply would not be possible otherwise. Of course, with such a different method of working, flying and shooting with a drone requires some special considerations. This great video tutorial will show you nine important keys to consider before your next drone flight that will help you ensure you get the best possible shots.

Try a New Perspective to Improve Your Landscape Photography

Changing your approach and perspective to your landscape photography can produce some stunning results. Looking at the more intimate details and patterns, the textures, and how everything interacts within your scene can really open up a new world for your photography.

Drone Pilot's DJI Avata First Flight Review

DJI recently released the Avata, and it's made quite the buzz around town. So, how did this experienced drone pilot find flying the DJI Avata for the first time?

How to Capture Vertically Oriented Photos With a Drone

A drone allows you to take photographs to the next level. There is only one downside for most drones I know of. The camera can’t be tilted for vertical shots. That doesn’t mean you can’t shoot vertical images. The solution is a panorama.

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Drones

Have you thought about buying a drone but hesitated because you don't know how to fly them? This is exactly what you need.

A Helpful Guide to Using a Drone for Real Estate Photos

Drones have become a remarkably long way in the last few years, and you can now get professional-level images and video from most normal consumer models. As such, if you are a real estate photographer, it is a great time to consider diversifying your offerings by adding drone imagery. This helpful video tutorial offers an excellent guide to drone real estate photography from the gear you need through editing the images.

How Drones Are Helping Save Lives in the Ukraine War

In our profession, we think of every piece in our gear closet as designed to take pictures. If you were assigned to walk into your gear closet and redesign one piece for the purpose of saving human lives, what would you create? North American company Dranganfly has taken drones and has created gear that is used in new ways for smarter and safer warfare.

Two Months With the DJI Mavic 3 Cine Drone

The DJI Mavic 3 is the company's newest drone, and it brings with it a nice range of new features and improvements. This great video review takes a look at the drone and the sort of performance and image quality you can expect from it in practice.

5 Helpful Tips for Better Drone Landscape Photos

Drones have become a powerful and versatile tool for landscape photographers, giving them the ability to reach perspectives and create images that simply were not possible just a few years ago. If you are a landscape photographer and interested in adding one to your arsenal, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will give you five simple tips for better drone landscape images.

XDynamics Evolve 2 Drone Review

Today, I’m reviewing the XDynamics Evolve 2 Drone. I’ll share thoughts on build, performance, and other details as well as my favorite features. Drones, or “airplane cameras” as my kids call them, are an awesome piece of technology that can take your photos to a whole new level.

The Next Best TikTok Camera Could Be the DJI Mavic Mini 3 Pro

The next drone in DJI's Mini lineup, the DJI Mini 3 Pro, is almost upon us, and though it looks to be a successor to the Mini 2, some reviewers have already gotten their hands on it to show that it is, in reality, a different beast entirely with its "Pro" nomenclature.

9 Days in Iceland, Part Two: The Sexy South

The drive south from Akureyri had been eventful, to say the least, but the snow subsided and we managed to stop briefly and get some minimal shots every now and again. As color began once again to show in the landscape we began to feel more hopeful as we headed towards Vestrahorn.

A Look at the Powerful and Rugged New DJI Matrice 30 Enterprise Drone

Most people are familiar with DJI's consumer drones, but beyond those, the company also makes some impressively powerful and specialized enterprise drones. The Matrice 30 Enterprise is the latest at that level, and it offers some impressive new features. This great video takes a first look.

Great Performance at a Great Price: Fstoppers Reviews PGYTECH’s Mavic 3 Filter Line

DJI’s Mavic 3 is an amazing drone, but DJI’s pricing for their filters isn’t so amazing. Fortunately, companies like PGYTECH have made a range of filters compatible with the Mavic 3’s unique mount and camera setup. Are they worth pairing with the high-performance camera the drone is equipped with? I put PGYTECH’s Mavic 3 filter series to the test in this review.

Is This $5,000 Drone Really Worth It?

Drones have become something of a staple in modern photography for a number of genres, with the financial barrier to entry now lower than ever. But, there are also high-end drones that cost a fair whack, so are they worth it?

Fstoppers Reviews the Clear Night Filter: Enabling Astrophotography With a Drone?

If you’re into astrophotography, a drone typically isn’t your camera of choice. That’s why I was surprised to see Haida’s release of a light-pollution reducing filter for the new Mavic 3, which they’re calling the NanoPro Clear-Night Filter. Does this filter change the experience of shooting with a drone at night?

How to Capture Amazing Detail in Your Drone Photography

In the last decade, drones have created a completely new genre of photography for the average consumer. Their biggest hurdle has been poor resolution and dynamic range but with these few tips, you can get a lot more detail out of your drone photography.

Does Your Drone Need Filters?

Drones have quickly become a common and important tool for photographers and videographers in many niches. Filters have been a staple for camera users for decades, so could you benefit from filters for your drone?

How This Photographer Shoots Light Halos Above UK Landmarks

A photographer with a passion for long exposures has shared an insight into how he creates UFO-style light halos within his landscape images. His posts containing his work have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes on the video-sharing site TikTok.

Don't Miss This Incredible Footage From Inside a Category Four Hurricane

There is no reason anyone would reasonably sail into a hurricane, but thankfully, nowadays, we have autonomous vehicles that can enter them to collect footage and data for scientific research. The results from the 2021 season were incredible, as this terrifying footage shows.

Can You Clean Your Gutters With a Drone?

Anyone who owns a home with trees around it will tell you what a pain cleaning the roof and gutters is; it is probably one of the most universally hated but necessary household chores. Wouldn't it be great if you had a flying leaf blower that could take care of things? It turns out you kind of do — if you own a drone.

Why a Drone Is My Favorite Purchase That I Did Not Need

Drones are appealing to a wide gamut of people, from creatives to tech-heads, to aviation enthusiasts. For me, it was perhaps a blend of all three, but something I couldn't easily justify. Nevertheless, I bought one anyway, and it turned out to be the best poor decision I've ever made.

Epic Views From a Secluded Fire Lookout

I have only been to a fire lookout once, and it was by accident. The experience of being high above the landscape was exhilarating, and the views were outstanding, but I didn’t stay long, as I thought I was trespassing.

7 Tips to Help You Take Better Drone Photos

Drones are more convenient and powerful than ever, and they can be a really fun way to find a new perspective and invigorate your creativity. If you are new to flying cameras and wondering how you can get better photos, this helpful video tutorial will give you seven tips to start you on your way.

9 Helpful Beginner Tips for Fall Drone Photography

Fall is here, and with it come trees awash in gorgeous colors, giving you the opportunity to create some truly eye-catching images. A drone offers you a way to capture a different perspective, and this helpful video tutorial will offer new drone users nine tips to get better fall photos using one.

A Review of the New DJI Mavic 3 Drone

The DJI Mavic 3 is here, and it brings with it some major improvements and new features that make it an impressive upgrade over its predecessor. This excellent video review takes an in-depth look at the new drone and the kind of image quality and performance you can expect from it in practice.

Is It Too Late To Start Drone Photography?

The first mass-market drones were manufactured more than a decade ago. As with anything, being over 10 years late to it can create some hurdles to entry. In this article, I will share some of my experiences as a relative latecomer to drone photography.

Which DJI Drone Is Right for You?

DJI's drone lineup has grown into a well-respected and varied range of options suitable for everything from casual snaps to high-level professional work. Three of their most popular consumer options are the Mavic Mini, Mini SE, and Mini 2, and if you are wondering which one is the best option for your needs, this excellent video review will help you pick the right choice.

What Are These Strange Drone Accessories Used For?

Most drones are pretty simple when it comes down to it: a flying device with a camera attached. Accessories are not really that common in the drone world besides basic things like propeller guards. However, one DJI drone system comes with some bizarre accessories, and this neat video takes a look at them, what they are useful for, and how well they work.

Five Mini Drones for Drone Beginners To Consider

In the world of drone photography, it’s hard to remember that there are players in the market that aren’t DJI. But maybe you are in the mood for something different. Maybe you’re just starting out. It might be worth it, in that case, to check out a few other options.

Drone Explodes in Alligator's Mouth After It Snatches It Out of the Sky

In the latest installment of social media "influencers" ruining everything, an alligator was likely severely harmed after a TikTok influencer harassed it with a drone to the point that the animal literally jumped out of the water to snatch the device, causing the drone's battery to explode in its mouth.

The Best Tiny FPV Drones for Filming in Tight Spaces

Drones have improved at a rate of knots in the last decade or so, and now you are able to film usable HD footage with a tiny, agile drone. This has lead to a revolution of creative videography. In this video, one videographer and drone-lover goes through his top picks for this niche type of drone.

Is the DJI Phantom 5 Finally on Its Way? Or Is It the Osmo Mobile 5 Next?

It has been over three years since any update to DJI's Phantom series, and given how quickly the line used to see updates and how the Mavic models have progressed, it would not be unreasonable to assume the Phantom series has been put out to pasture. That might not be the case, however, as DJI's latest event invite seems to point at a new model.

Drone Photography: 6 Things to Know Before Flying A Drone 

If you're new to flying a drone, there is a lot to learn. I wanted to share my practical advice that can save you time and money. This is the advice I would give myself if I were to go back in time. I would hopefully have helped prevent some frustration and improved my ability to create!

A First Look at the New Affordable and Portable DJI Mini SE Drone

DJI's latest drone, the Mini SE, is a bit strange, essentially taking some of the tech from the original Mavic Mini and putting it into the body of the Mini 2. Nonetheless, at $299, the Mini SE is highly affordable and remarkably portable, making it a potentially great option for a casual user or anyone who wants a drone they can drop in their bag for occasional photos and video without adding a ton of heft. This great first look video takes a look at the Mini SE and the kind of performance you can expect from it.

DJI Mini SE Now Available in the U.S. for Under $300

Here's a high-quality but low-price entry-level drone from DJI, the Mini SE. Originally, DJI said the drone wouldn't come to the U.S. or Europe, but today, it's hit the databases of major retailers like B&H Photo.

An Interview With Baber Afzal: Light Painting a Porsche Commercial

Baber Afzal is the soft-spoken talent who only found his way to photography after picking up his sister’s Sony point-and-shoot nearly over a decade ago. That twist of fate has led him to work for some very well-established clients in the UAE, including the Porsche UAE’s new Panamera campaign.

Incredible Photography Into the Heart of an Active Volcano

There are occasions where you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you're taking images that are some of the best you may ever take. This video shows us behind the scenes as Nigel Danson photographs an active volcano, and I can safely say, this will be one of those moments for him.