How to Affordably Create Very Soft Light

Creating soft light can become an expensive pursuit. A large, indirect softbox will cost around $2,000 and the cheaper ones are often badly built, are small, or generally lack good light quality. Being a tight git, I set about finding a way to create high quality, soft light for my food photography, although this set up will work for pretty much all genres.

How to Make Your Own Dust and Grain Filters

Looking to add some vintage dust and grain look to your freshly taken digital photos? You know, that look when you come across some old polaroids or 4x6 prints that you dug up from an old photo album that's been packed away in some box… or possibly scrounged from your parents? Yeah, that look of slight imperfections where the ink has been scratched along with some dust that's hard to remove.

How to Use Your Ball Head Like a Gimbal Head for Outdoor, Sports, and Wildlife Photography

One of the biggest challenges all photographers and videographers face is knowing what gear to bring on any given shoot. To make it worse, we are constantly torn on when to purchase or use dedicated specialty gear versus all-around multipurpose gear. Each photographer has to learn this for their own style and genre of photography; however, learning tips that can help you get the most out of each piece of gear will always increase the usefulness of that gear.