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The Jack of All Trades Photographer: What’s the Problem?

They say variety is the spice of life and in the world of the freelance photographer, a broad and knowledgable skill set goes a long way. So, why does knowing your way around a multitude of photographic genres breed so much disrespect in the professional world?

Sony Versus Canon: An AI Encounter

With AI being all the rage lately, I thought I would test run a plot generator story of Canon versus Sony. I put in some spicy adjectives and plotted the main storyline: the photographers cross paths at the Imagining USA Nikon booth, and I let AI write a plot that will have you both roaring with laughter and fuming with offense. Grab your popcorn, and enjoy a good laugh.

iPhone Versus DSLR: The Ultimate Real-world Test

Every year, mobile camera technology improves, and every year, I see more articles comparing phones to professional cameras. I decided to carry out my own comprehensive test to finally decide which device is better, the phone or the DSLR.

All Photography Educators Should Have as Much Fun as These Guys

Geraint and Rob are old friends out to have fun with their photography. They are both accomplished photographers and, most importantly, have a lot of fun taking pictures. The genuine joy they find in the creative process is evident and makes this video is worth watching.

The 5 Worst Portrait Posing Techniques

When it comes to portrait posing, there are some great poses, some not great poses, and then, there are those poses that are so egregious that they should be avoided at all costs.

Are You a ‘Fanny Pack Photgrapher'?

Under the category of so-ridiculous-that-I'm-not-sure-it's-real-but-kind-of-a-cool idea is a video that chronicles the life of a "fanny pack photographer."

Canon Users Are Better Photographers

And while we're on the subject of which is better, iPhones are far superior to Android devices, the iPad is objectively the best tablet available, and digital imaging is far superior to analog film in every way imaginable.

5 Reasons I Miss My DSLR: A Rant

Like it or not, mirrorless cameras have overtaken DSLRs as the cameras of choice for most photographers. As the major camera brands transition away from developing new DSLRs and focus on mirrorless technologies, there are still advantages to using a DSLR.

What Every Landscape Photographer Goes Through

Landscape photography is a quirky genre, often requiring long physical treks in the wee hours, all while hoping for the conditions to cooperate and allow you to take the photo you have in mind. If you have been there before, check out this hilarious video that follows a landscape photographer's thought process while deciding whether to head out to shoot or not.

What Clichés About Photographers Are Mostly True?

Every profession and hobby has clichés that lurk around them like an unpleasant smell, and photography is no different. But what clichés about photographers do you believe to be mostly true?

5 Photographic Phenomona You Absolutely Need to Adhere To

As you get better and better at photography, you learn more and more. This has the negative effect that there then exist fewer and fewer new things to learn since you already know most of them. I was surprised to find this video by Alex Kilbee where he shares some lesser-known photographic phenomena.

Three Photographer Challenge: Sony vs Fujifilm vs iPhone

Recently, two photography friends visited the Fstoppers studio on the same day. Of course, this meant I needed to plan a friendly photography competition to see once and for all who is the best photographer in the land! This challenge video comes with lots of twists and turns, but at the core, we ask the question: "can an iPhone beat an expensive $12,000 medium format mirrorless camera?" Today, we find out.

What They Think We Do as Photographers

Chances are, everyone in your circle knows you are a photographer. How many of those people have an understanding of what you actually do on a day-to-day basis? This brief, but funny video by Niels Kemp highlights some of the misconceptions he encounters from the people closest to him.

The Trouble With Comp Stompers and How to Remove Them

There are many times when you have gone to a location to shoot a landscape and you have not been the only one there. That is fine as everyone is entitled to be there. Every now and again however you have the type of photographer who thinks that they are entitled and who blatantly either stands right next to you to get the same composition without any acknowledgment or a courteous "would you mind if I..."

How to Take Horrible Landscape Photos

You read that title correctly. Tired of your landscape photos looking like every other fantastic photographer's shots? Maybe you should be taking things in the other direction. If you need a laugh (and some good education), check out this great video that will show you how to take just awful landscape photos.

5 Weird Things Boudoir Photographers Do

Every genre of photography has quirks that the photographer gradually adopts as normal. This is one boudoir photographer's weird habits and although some of them are specific, there is a lot of crossover with other genres in places.

The Worst Things I Have Bought as a Photographer

I have no doubts that we have all forked out some of our hard-earned Benjamins on something completely regrettable, as I certainly have. Over the years, I have made some questionable purchases, and here are the worst.

We Interview the 'Greatest Photographer in the World'

I met the self-styled “greatest photographer in the world,” Harry Schidtshlinger, last week. He was sporting a bloody nose, trying his best to stem the flow with his lens cloth. I offered to postpone, but he was determined to be interviewed, and I wanted to hear his story.

Hilarious Music Video Shows Nikon Is the Potato Camera That Everyone Should Hate

Nikon has been in the photography industry for a long time, but what have they actually done? I mean, sure, they've made plenty of great and extremely popular cameras, but anyone can do that. When have you ever seen Nikon try to be cool and attract a younger crowd? I guess there was the Nikon Df. However, what has Nikon done since then?

This NFT of an NFT Just Sold for $10 Million

The NFT craze continues to explode, as for the first time, an artist has bought an NFT of the NFT that points to his own work of digital art — for $10 million.

Can the Sony a7S III Keep Up With This Camcorder From 1998?

I promise this is not actually a serious comparison. It is hilarious, however. Sony's new a7S III is the pinnacle of its latest video technology, and it brings with it a plethora of advanced features and capabilities. But let's not forget Sony's once-popular line of Handycam camcorders. This great video takes a look at the two and why the Handycam just might be better.

What Is Your Best and Worst Camera Gear of 2020?

In what has become something of a festive tradition, Chris Nichols and Jordan Drake of DPReview TV sit down to play drinking games and cast their verdict on the year’s best and worst camera gear.

Ansel Adams Versus Amateur Snapshots Prank

Ansel Adams is possibly the most recognizable name in photography. Most photographers claim he is the greatest landscape photographer in history. But what if you were shown his photos mixed into a group of other horrible photos? Would you still see the genius?

How to Know When You're a Pro Photographer

Anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer, sure. But how many of you can really say you're a professional? Follow along and find out.

How to Carve a Photo Perfectly Into a Pumpkin — or Not

Each Halloween brings another battle to see who can carve the most intricate image into the side of a pumpkin. Engineer and hardcore geek Shane Wighton of Stuff Made Here designed and built his own robot to see how close he could get to the perfect pumpkin photo of his wife. It's about as crazy as it sounds.

A Dog Photobooth Made Out of Lego

A cute dog, some Lego, and a camera... I can't think of anything more perfectly made for the internet than this.

Why Buying a Camera From Wish Is a Bad Idea

Wish is a great place to go shopping if you’re looking for an odd assortment of Nicholas Cage themed home items, but it may not be the best place to go shopping for cameras, even in 2020 when cheap cameras should be a thing by now.

What Are the Worst Lies Photographers Tell Themselves?

Photographers are often a varied and diverse bunch, as there are so many different genres and attractions to the medium. But there are some lies we all tell ourselves from time to time. Which is the worst?

All the Things You Can Buy Instead of Photography Gear

New camera gear is really cool. But you know what else is cool? Sitting in your new hot tub while your miniature horse grazes nearby. It's time to look at the things you can spend your money on instead of new camera gear.

What Is the Worst Photography Advice You've Ever Been Given?

There are a lot of fantastic resources for information on photography, but sometimes, there is some utterly useless advice offered. So, for a bit of light relief, I want to know what the worst photography advice you've ever been given is.