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How Good Is Photoshop's New Landscaper Mixer Neural Filter?

What if you could change the season of a landscape photo with just the click of a button? Photoshop's new landscape mixer neural filter promises to leverage Adobe Sensei technology to do just that, allowing you to turn a summer landscape into a snow-laden wonderland with a single click. Does it produce worthwhile images, though? This neat video features a Photoshop pro taking the new feature for a test drive to see what it can do.

Why We Shouldn’t Give Up When We Struggle in Landscape Photography

It is good to have a plan B in landscape photography. But what if even plan B doesn’t work? Should we give up? Or is there still the chance, any way to get some really strong photographs? I came exactly into such a situation recently – and oh man – finally it turned into one of the best photography days I ever had. I even got 360 degrees surrounded by compositions!

7 Helpful Winter Landscape Photography Tips

The beauty of winter is that even landscapes you have photographed dozens of times can become entirely new scenes with fresh, vibrant looks. Winter landscape photography presents its own unique challenges, though, and this excellent video tutorial will give you seven tips to help you get the most out of your photos.

Epic Views From a Secluded Fire Lookout

I have only been to a fire lookout once, and it was by accident. The experience of being high above the landscape was exhilarating, and the views were outstanding, but I didn’t stay long, as I thought I was trespassing.

Experience Monsoon Storm Photography With Nick Page

Step outside of your comfort zone and head into the storm with this incredible desert adventure. This video follows professional photographers Nick Page, Michael Shainblum, and Sean Parker as they capture a monsoon storm in the remote desert.

When Is Your Photography Just Wrong?

Opinions matter to most people, but when the opinion of another photographer goes against or deviates from what the original photographer intended for that image, does that that make the image wrong?

3 Important Features Coming in Luminar Neo: Tested

Skylum has been touting their upcoming release of Luminar Neo, an image editor that builds on Luminar AI with some new features that are sure to please fans of the current product and may arouse interest from other photo editors.

A Rarely Used Camera Setting That Can Improve Your Landscape Images

Creating a successful landscape photo often takes skills both behind the camera and at the computer, and of course, what you do in the field influences how you handle things once you are ready to process your images. This great video tutorial takes a look at a camera setting many of us never touch and how it can improve your landscape images quickly and easily.

Landscape Photography Mistakes to Avoid!

When we start out as photographers, there are so many rules to follow and so many techniques to be applied. So, where do you start? What rules do you follow and what do you avoid? In his new video, Mads Peter Iversen tells you what to avoid and what considerations to make when framing your sho, capturing the image, and post-processing.

How to Set the Proper Shutter Speed When Photographing Waterfalls

Waterfalls are by far one of the most popular subjects of landscape photographers, as they can add a nice dose of movement to an otherwise static image, making it far more dynamic and compelling. One of the most crucial choices you can make in this situation is your shutter speed, and this excellent video tutorial will give you some helpful tips for picking the right one.

Why You Should Photograph Everything Wide Open

Landscape photography is often about achieving maximum depth of field, fantastic sharpness, and gathering as much quality into one image as possible. Or is it? This photographer shoots everything wide open and has an excellent reason for it.