How To Photograph Real Estate and Vacation Rentals
Essential Gear for Waterfall and Seascape Photography

I love to photograph waterfalls, rivers, and seascapes. Those subjects make up nearly 50% of my portfolio. And when photographing those, I need to have proper footing to move around freely and focus on the subject and composition. So the topic of this article is proper water shoes that I finally found after testing several brands over the years.

Every Landscape Photographer Should Know This

This editing technique is something every landscape photographer should learn. It can be especially helpful when you're approaching an image with a few technical flaws.

The Importance of Flexibility in Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography, planning can make a huge difference in your ability to come home with the exact image you have been dreaming of, but almost paradoxically, you need to be able to remain flexible as well. This great video discusses why being willing to change plans on the fly can benefit your work.

Helpful Tips for Better Landscape Photo Compositions

One of the trickiest aspects of landscape photography is that you do not get any control over the physical location of the elements in the frame, and as such, a lot of photographers experience difficulties with compositions. If that is something you struggle with, check out this awesome video tutorial that will show you some helpful tips for improving your landscape image compositions.

How To Change Your Lifestyle To Have More Time for Landscape Photography

The light is amazing. There are dozens of compositions waiting out there. But where are you? Sitting in your office, working eagerly for your boss or for your clients? I found a solution to combine my job with my landscape photography, to photograph wherever and whenever I want.

3 Helpful Composition Tips for Mountain Photography

Mountains have always made for a wonderful subject, adding drama and grandeur to any image they grace with their presence. On the other hand, it is not as simple as dropping them in the frame and pressing the shutter. This helpful video tutorial will show you three tips for creating compelling mountain image compositions.

Subtle Things That Might Be Robbing Your Photos of Sharpness

There are a lot of pitfalls that can cause blurry landscape photos, some obvious and some a bit more subtle. This excellent video tutorial discusses some easily missed causes of blurry landscape photos and what you can do to fix them or avoid them in the first place.

A Valuable Lesson for All Landscape Photographers

No doubt, today's world often demands the ability to constantly produce content at a breakneck pace, and that can put a lot of pressure on photographers. Even if you do not make money from your photography, you might find yourself impatient when the right shot just has not materialized yet. This excellent video essay follows a landscape photographer as he discusses how a bit of patience can be one of the best things for improving your images.

Using Diagonals for More Powerful Landscape Photo Compositions

Given the fact that you have no control over the placement of the elements of a scene, composition can be a uniquely tricky aspect of landscape photography. And while there are some tried and true methods like the rule of thirds, sometimes, you want to push your compositions a bit further. This excellent video tutorial will show you the power of diagonals in the frame and how you can harness them to create more compelling landscape images.

Learn to Love Your Images

Have you ever felt unsatisfied or disconnected from your photos? It’s important to know we all go through this and these are a few things you can do to help.

Can You Create Good Landscape Photos With Shallow Depth of Field?

Shallow depth of field is a popular technique for genres like portraiture, but when it comes to landscape photography, deep depth of field with most or all of the frame in focus is the standard. That does not mean you can't shoot with a shallow depth of field, though. This neat video follows a photographer as he shows how shallow depth of field can be a powerful creative tool for landscape work.

Where to Focus and How to Expose a Landscape Photo

Two of the most fundamental and yet deceptively tricky aspects of landscape photography are knowing where to place your focus point and what to expose for. If you are new to the genre and looking to improve, check out this helpful video tutorial that will walk you through the two topics with a variety of helpful examples.

The Basics of Landscape Photography in 15 Minutes

Landscape photography is a popular, fun, and fulfilling genre that allows you to enjoy the outdoors and challenges your photographic technique and creativity. If you are new to the pursuit and wondering how to get started, check out this great video tutorial that will show you all the basics you need to head out and start shooting in just 15 minutes.

The Importance of Perspective in Landscape Photography

The challenge of landscape photography is that unlike most other genres, you do not have any control over the placement of the elements in your frame, which makes creating compelling compositions one of the most challenging aspects of its pursuit. One important part of composition is perspective, and this interesting video shows a few examples of how carefully considering it can lead to better and more compelling photos.

What It Really Takes to Be a Landscape Photographer

Being a landscape photographer means some incredible experiences and the chance to capture remarkable natural beauty, but it is not a walk in the park. If you are interested in the genre and curious about the sort of time and effort you will need to invest and the hardships you will have to endure, check out this fantastic video that will show you what really goes into being a landscape photographer.

How to Choose the Right Shutter Speed for Long Exposures of Seascapes

A long exposure of a seascape will always be a great way to create a compelling image, but it takes a lot more than simply slapping an ND filter on your lens and going to town. One of the most crucial parts of a long exposure is choosing the proper shutter speed, particularly when moving water is involved, and this helpful video tutorial will walk you through the process to ensure you get the exact image you have in mind.

The Secret of Finding Compositions in Photography

On some days, we can see one composition beside another, but on other days, it is hard to find just a single one. What is the difference between those days, and how can we increase our chances to find outstanding compositions all the time?

Helpful Composition Tips for Outdoor Photography

Head outside, and you will find photographic opportunities everywhere you look, both big and small. If you are struggling a bit with your compositions, check out this fantastic video tutorial that offers a wide range of helpful tips that are sure to improve your images of outdoor subjects.

Common Composition Mistakes Landscape Photographers Make

The challenge of landscape photography is that you do not have control over the placement of the elements in the scene, and as such, it can be challenging to create compelling compositions. If you are new to the genre or find yourself struggling a bit, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you some common composition mistakes and how to correct them or avoid them in the first place.

My Go-to Gear for Nighttime Landscape Photography

Shooting landscapes at night often calls for gear that isn’t entirely essential for shooting during the day. Here are some suggestions for shooting single images, as well as star trails and time-lapse photography.

The Importance of Aspect Ratios in Landscape Photography

Back in the days of film photography, you had to think very carefully about the aspect ratio of your image before you shot it, and different aspect ratios held enthusiastic fans that specialized in their usage. The advent of digital and the standardization of the sensor into just two aspect ratios has seen that focus die away a bit, but they remain highly important in how your images are rendered, and this excellent video tutorial discusses their usage.

9 Days in Iceland, Part One: The Naughty North

Iceland, with its breathtaking views of glaciers and waterfalls, is on the bucket list of most landscape photographers. With honeypot shots galore, can you really go wrong? Well, that all depends on what Iceland's ever-changing weather has in store for your visit, and it can change rapidly.

Lessons a Professional Landscape Photographer Has Learned After 10 Years in Business

Of all the genres out there, landscape photography is probably one of the most nebulous when it comes to establishing yourself professionally and building a career out of it. This great video features an experienced professional discussing his journey from amateur to professional landscape photographer over the last decade and many of the lessons he has learned along the way.

How to Create Dynamic Waterscape Photos

Long exposure images of moving water are popular for both photographers and viewers, but it takes more than slapping an ND filter on the front of your lens to create a compelling one. This helpful video tutorial features an experienced landscape photographer guiding you through the process, including equipment, safety, shutter speed, composition, and more.

What Gear Do You Actually Need for Landscape Photography?

When it comes to photography gear, what do you actually need to get the image and what is probably a waste of time buying? That can be a tough question to answer, or is it? With the photography market pushing everything at you from all corners, it all depends on what you are hoping to achieve with your landscape photography.

Have Tripods Become Obsolete?

Modern cameras support fantastic image stabilization, and ISO noise is not a problem anymore. We can shoot freehand in dusk conditions and get stunning, sharp photos. So, have tripods become obsolete?

One of the Keys to Improving Your Landscape Photography

One of the most interesting and sometimes frustrating aspects of landscape photography is that you get no control over the elements of the frame, the lighting, or the surrounding conditions. And that will often mean that things will not be as you hoped or planned, but that should not deter you. This excellent video features an experienced landscape photographer discussing one of the key elements to improving your work.

Why You Should Consider a Superzoom Lens for Landscape Photography

Superzoom lenses are often overlooked because their extreme focal length ranges mean inherent compromises in image quality, but in recent years, we have seen some impressive advances that make them viable options for a lot of work. This excellent video features an experienced landscape photographer making a case for using a superzoom lens for landscape work.

How to Not Piss Off Other Photographers

We all love having a spot to ourselves, but many times, that isn’t possible. There are a few unspoken rules when it comes to shooting in congested areas that every photographer should know.

Techniques to Save a Poor Landscape Photo

Of course, we all try to get out photos are close to right as possible in camera, but none of us are perfect, and mistakes will happen. So, if you really miss the mark, what can you do to save an image you really want to use? This excellent video tutorial will show you some helpful tips and techniques for rescuing that shot.

Cityscape Photography Made Easy: 3 Simple Tips

Photographing the busy city doesn’t have to be complicated. If you don’t have filters and other specialized tools for landscape and cityscape photography, here are some tips to do it with ease.

The Beauty of Landscape Photography in Bad Weather

Almost no one enjoys standing in the wind and rain, and I certainly would not blame you if you saw the clouds rolling in and wanted to pack up your equipment and head home. Nonetheless, you might be missing out on fantastic images if you do not stick around for the storm, and this fantastic video will show you just what you might be able to accomplish in those situations.

Save a Landscape Photograph With a Black and White Edit

For the most part, a landscape photo is not finished once you press the shutter, as half of the image-making process is in the direction you decide to take the edit. Sometimes, if you are looking at an image you know has potential but you can't figure out to do with it, you should consider turning it into a black and white photo. This great video tutorial makes a case for why and shows you some techniques to do so.

Why Is This My Favorite Photography Purchase Ever?

Gear isn't always about megapixels, dynamic range, or pixel-peeping. This piece of gear has changed nothing about the quality of my photos, but it might be my favorite purchase ever.

Tips for Ensuring Your Photography Is Improving

Being self-critical is too easy or too hard, but in both cases, it can be difficult to be effective with it. In this video, Nigel Danson takes you on a shoot and discusses some of the ways he ensures his photography is improving.

How to Master Red Sky Photography

Morning red needs some special requirements to appear. Find out how to plan and photograph red sky to get a masterpiece.

What Lightroom Sky Adjustment Tool Should You Use?

Landscape photography often takes at least a bit of editing to produce a completed image, and as such, you will usually be doing some kind of editing work on the sky. Lightroom's newest version has a wide range of useful tools for doing this, and this excellent video tutorial will show you some of the options for selecting and adjusting a sky and the pros and cons of each.

The Only Rule You Need for Landscape Photography

Seven years ago, I have stopped using photography rules, which massively improved my photography. But there is one rule that makes the difference between an average shot and a masterpiece. And it is something different than you might think.

How to Deal With Boring Clear Skies in Landscape Photography

While clear blue skies are often desirable simply for the nice weather they bring, when it comes to landscape photography, they are rather boring and can make it hard to create compelling images. It is not impossible, however; it just takes a bit of adjustment to your technique and creative approach. This fantastic video tutorial will show you some helpful tips for taking great landscape photos even when the sky is totally clear.

Focus Stacking Made Easy With Helicon Focus

A few weeks ago I published an article here on Fstoppers about handheld focus stacking. In this article I share my in-the-field workflow, as well as the automatic stacking option Photoshop offers to put all images together during photo editing. This option has its limitations though and because I lately had to work on some very complex stacks, I had to look for a better solution. And with Helicon Focus I found it.

3 Common Landscape Photography Mistakes That Can Derail Your Images

Landscape photography is a tough genre that requires a lot of factors to all come together in order to produce a successful image, ranging from technical aptitude to creative vision and even a little luck with the conditions. As such, it is important to be aware of common mistakes that can derail you in your pursuits. This helpful video tutorial features an experienced landscape photographer discussing three such mistakes and what you can do to fix or avoid them in the first place.

The Most Important Rule to Improve Your Photography

Whether you are just starting your journey or are a seasoned veteran, allowing yourself to fail can be difficult as an artist. Yet, it continues to be the absolute best way to improve your work.

How to Improve Your Landscape Photos With Dodging and Burning in Lightroom

When it comes to dodging and burning, you probably think of using it on portraits, but really, it is a technique that can improve your photos in just about any genre, landscape photography included. If you are wondering how to apply it to your own work, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you how to do it entirely in Lightroom.

How to Turn On City Lights Using Lightroom

The glow of streetlights and the like can add a nice bit of warmth, elegance, and atmosphere to a nighttime cityscape photo, but, of course, you do not get control over those lights, and they will not always be turned on when you are out shooting. It is not too difficult to turn them "on," and you do not even need Photoshop to do it. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to do it quickly and convincingly using Lightroom.

How to Find Better Landscape Photos

When it comes to landscape photography, you can't control the elements in the frame like you can in just about any other genre, which, of course, means you need to be able to find elegant and compelling images instead of building them. If you want to improve your landscape photos, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you three helpful tips for finding better landscape photos.