Where Do Babies in Movies Come From?

I won't hold it against you if you've never wondered where babies come from in movies. But, it's good to know the details to understand how it works and ease out the planning should you be commissioned to shoot a lifestyle brand's advertising campaign. The general aim is to keep the babies safe on the day, to let them get the rewards for the work they put in once they turn 18, and to give the production team options and solutions, like booking twins or triplets so you either have more time to shoot the baby scenes as you can literally swap out the infants. This video shows how it works in more detail.

Trump Reinstates FAA Drone Hobbyist Registration Rule

A couple of weeks ago, I bought my first drone: a DJI Mavic Pro. I’d been eyeing one for months, trying to decide if it was worth it and if I could justify its use for my business. I pulled the trigger right after Thanksgiving, have been trying to learn all of the rules about using it, and have been studying for the FAA Part 107 test ever since. And there are a lot of rules. And one of those rules is about to change — again— thanks to a bill President Trump signed yesterday that requires all drone flyers in the U.S., including hobbyists, to register with the FAA.

Know Your Rights: Basics of Photographic Copyrights

At this point I have lost track how many times I have been given inaccurate counsel from other well-meaning people, such as, "Make sure you copyright that so nobody can steal it," or "If you put it online then you give up your rights and it becomes public property." Such advice will only ever come from people who don't actually understand copyright laws. When it comes to copyright issues and navigating them, the only advice worth following is advice that can be backed up by law. If you receive advice that can't be backed up by legitimate copyright law then the advice is simply someone's opinion.