A First Look at the New Profoto A1X

The Profoto A1 was met with mixed reactions when it was released, with many shying away from the price, but also generally quite good reviews from those who used it. Profoto recently released an updated version, the A1X, which improves on the original in several ways. This great video takes a look at the changes in the new model and what it's like to shoot with.

What Is Reductive Lighting?

Lighting a scene is usually associated with placing light sources of certain quality, shape, and power on various places to illuminate parts that have to be visible to the camera. There are ways to light a scene not only without any additional light sources, but also without any white or black bounce-boards.

Using a Speedlight for Outdoor Portraits

Dedicated monolights are certainly highly useful for portrait work, but they're also relatively expensive and rather bulky. However, almost every photographer owns a speedlight, and you might wonder if you can use it in place of a monolight for on-location portrait work. This great video shows you the benefits and drawbacks of shooting with a speedlight outside.