How to Remove Tan Lines and Sunburns with Photoshop

Summer is here and chances are you're going to have to remove a few tan lines or sunburns from your photos this season. Luckily for you Aaron Nace is willing to walk you through all you need to know. I've posted tutorials by Aaron before but it wasn't until I had the opportunity to meet him over drinks in the Bahamas that I discovered how talented he really is. Because he is so talented and the summer sun so hot I think this is a great pick to share with you this Sunday.

Does Gear Really Matter? 30 Mind-Blowing Images Taken With Entry-Level Gear

When someone tells a photographer that “their camera must be really good,” chances are the photographer will respond with an eye roll. The debate surrounding gear verses skill in the photography world is a tired albeit consistent discussion. Let’s not kid ourselves, gear does in fact matter. However, does a photographer need top of the line equipment to produce mind-blowing images? Take a look at this collection and decide for yourself.

Check out These Surreal Digital Manipulations of the Four Classical Elements

Edvin Puzinkevich is Senior Retoucher at Vault 49 - a New York design and illustration studio - where his clients have included notable names such as Nike, Intel, Audi, Levi’s, Chevrolet and Oakley. One of his personal projects, Elements, is especially interesting. Edvin explained to me that he wanted to explore the idea of people being able to control their surrounding elements, and how people could change and interact with the elements' physical characteristics.