[Pics] April's Best Facebook Group Photos

It's that time again... who impressed us with the best images uploaded to our Fstoppers Facebook Group? We select the most compelling, best lit, or most jaw dropping images every month, and honor them with a coveted badge of their achievement. Did your photo garner the praise of your peers? Maybe it flew under the radar, but is still magnificent in its own way. Let's look at what April had to offer, and it was a heck of a month. We have more images to showcase than any month before.

[Pics] Combining The Microsoft Kinect And Infrared Photography To Produce Stunning Results

With technology continually advancing, it increases what we can do with photography. In this series by photographer Audrey Penven, she uses her infrared camera to capture the light that the Kinect puts out. Keep in mind, these dots of light cannot be seen by an unaided eye, which is why the infrared camera is needed. This series titled, Dancing with Invisible Light, is a series that plays on this concept. It's not only a beautiful effect but it is also well captured.

[Pics] Striking Images of a Team of Acrobats

A recent TIME article highlighted the growing sport referred to as "acro," which is acrobatics and tumbling. The article explains that these athletes are striving to be taken more seriously. The sport is looking to distance itself from cheerleading, and the photos needed to show just that. Photographer Holly Andres went to the University of Oregon to capture images for the story. Her approach was

[Pics] Flickr Spotlight #13 – Smoking Portraits

Smoking is totally bad for your health, and the health of the people around you. BUT, I think we can all agree smoking is awesome for your pictures. With the right light, location or theme, you can get great and memorable shots when the model is smoking.

Personally I never smoked, and never going to try, but I really enjoy looking at portraits of smoking girls and guys. Check out this collection of 15 amazing portraits of smoking people.

[Pics] Surreal Portraits Made with Layered Prints

These images are part of a series of composites by the artistic collaboration called Nerhol. They shot a sequence of photos in a three-minute period, then layered the prints to create a single portrait. I really like this technique, and have never seen it done before. I suppose it could be considered a time lapse, documenting the slightest movements of a subject.

[Pics] Garbage Men Convert Dumpsters into Pinhole Cameras

This is the kind of project that I find exciting, inventive, and...kinda gross. A group of German garbage men are taking some pretty amazing pinhole photos using dumpsters as cameras. They simply drill a hole in the dumpster and expose the image onto a giant sheet of photo paper. Each shot requires about an hour long exposure. They even do all of their own

[Images] These Lego Tilt Shift Rooms Almost Look Real!

One of the tried and true techniques to making normal photographs stand out is to use a tilt shift lens and "miniaturize" your subject matter. Brazilian photographer Valentino Fialdini decided to put a unique spin on this lens trick and make the miniature world look lifesize. Using his tilt shift lens, Valentino was able to increase the depth of field in these tiny Lego rooms to make them look like normal building interiors. The illusion was accomplished by

[Funny] Amazing Family Portrait Sessions

Quite often, aspiring photographers of the world turn to the almighty interwebs to find answers to "How to take photos of __________". Sometimes, the better question is "How NOT to take photos of __________". Here are some examples of how NOT to take portraits of families while you're in your basement home studio.