[Photos] Insects Appear Beautiful In Stunning Macro Series
It's not very often I see insects and don't freak out a little. Even if only inside my head so as to retain my gruff exterior to my girlfriend. The photos in this series not only managed to keep me from screaming, in fact they did the exact opposite. They gave me a sense of calm and relaxation, a feeling that I have certainly never experienced before when dealing with insects. See the rest of the photos in the full post.

[FS Spotlight] UFC Photographer Joshua Hedges Pulls No Punches
Few photographers can nonchalantly say, “Yeah, I’ve had blood splashed on my camera.” But for sports photographer Joshua Hedges, 12 year veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, it’s just another day in the office. The West Texas native has been become known for his mixed martial arts photography, and his work has been featured in Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, USA Today, Time magazine, The New York Times, and The LA Times. Fstoppers catches up with Hedges to hear about his favorite fight, why shooting the UFC is different from other sports, and staying focused while two guys pummel each other. Check out the full FS Spotlight interview!

[FS Spotlight] Photographer Antoine Verglas on Lingerie, Swimsuit, and Fashion Photography
Every guy wants to be Antoine Verglas. The esteemed French-born photographer spends his days shooting the world’s most beautiful and charming women in the planet’s most exquisite locales, often while they’re wearing some of the world’s tiniest clothes. Tough life, right? His gorgeous portraits go beyond the obvious, however, exhibiting an unsurpassed aesthetic, powerful sexuality, and undeniable sensitivity appealing to both the sexes. You’ve seen his photographs in Maxim, Sports Illustrated, GQ, Elle, Esquire, and Vogue, so now learn about living the good life from Verglas himself! Check out his full interview with FS Spotlight.