A First Look at the New Profoto A1X

The Profoto A1 was met with mixed reactions when it was released, with many shying away from the price, but also generally quite good reviews from those who used it. Profoto recently released an updated version, the A1X, which improves on the original in several ways. This great video takes a look at the changes in the new model and what it's like to shoot with.

What's It Like Working on a 49-Inch Ultrawide Display?

Many photographers and videographers like to work on dual-monitor setups with the two screens side by side, but that can cause some complicated logistics with connections and the like, and of course, it can be quite annoying to have bezels right in the middle of your vision. Can you solve that problem with an ultrawide monitor? This great video takes a look at LG's 49-inch monster to help answer that question.