Recent Videography Articles

How to Make Your First Travel Video in 3 Easy Steps

If you have some trips booked, perhaps you're considering creating your first video of it but aren't sure where to get started. Well, in this video, you'll get some great tips on how to begin and turn that journey into more than just an album of snaps.

Why You Should Try the 4:3 Ratio for Video

Our aspect ratios have been trending toward wider dimensions for some time and that makes perfect sense. But, should we cast out a previously staple aspect ratio for good? Does it have any uses?

Easy Filmmaking Tips to Instantly Improve Your Videos

If you're hoping to improve your videos this year, there is a wealth of information to tap into. In this video, Vuhlandes goes through some easy filmmaking tips that can make all the difference.

Are Modern Camcorders Worth It?

When I worked in camera marketing, one of the toughest sells around the mid-2010s was camcorders. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars when a DSLR can give you equivalent image quality and, on paper, do more? YouTuber Tom Buck answers that question after a couple of months of using one.

MTV-Era Bio-Series Cinematographer Uses Visual Language to Tell a Story

High School, the new bio-series about indie-pop sensations Tegan and Sara, provides a strong example of how filmmakers can use visual language to help to tell their stories. I had a chance to talk to cinematographer Carolina Costa about her work on the series.

A Beginner's Guide to Using Lighting Modifiers for Video

Photography and video have some crucial differences between them, but perhaps the most important similarity between them is that good lighting is crucial to getting the best results. If you are new to video and working on building your skills, check out this great video tutorial that will show you a variety of different lighting modifiers and how to use them to create professional-level results.

Amateur Versus Professional Product Commercial Challenge

There are many kinds of professional photographers and videographers. However, if you take two professionals from different disciplines, how much of a difference is there? This video gives you an idea of what specializing in your field can do.

A Complete Guide to Diegetic and Non-diegetic Sound

If you want to get into filmmaking, one of the most fundamental and powerful tools you will need to get a grasp of is the use of diegetic and non-diegetic sound. If you are unfamiliar with the concept and how you can manipulate it to your advantage for more powerful storytelling, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you everything you need to know.

The Essentials You Need To Start a Photography YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is something you might consider whether you take photographs for profit or fun. A successful channel can offer benefits in the form of payments for viewership and sponsorship opportunities. A less successful channel can help a photographer build an audience and create a community in which to share their passion for photography.

Specs on the New Sony a7RV: Is This a Game-Changer?

Sony has released the new a7R V camera body. It's laden with some incredible specs that you couldn't even have dreamed of in a camera a few short years ago, but is it really a game-changer?

Are LED Lights or Panels Better?

There are two kinds of light sources for video: LED lights and panels. Both have advantages and drawbacks. Which is the best choice when you’re on a budget? Should you choose an LED light or an LED panel? I made my choice, but now, I have my doubts.

9 Great Tools for Smartphone Filmmaking in 2022

In the last few years, I've found myself using my smartphone more and more as my video camera to capture life's moments. On an actual shoot, it's also not uncommon for me to use one as a b-camera. If that's you as well, here are nine great tools to help improve your smartphone videography (and a bonus tip).

Turn Your iPhone Into a Powerful On-Camera Monitor With This Tool

On-camera monitors are an essential tool for anyone doing video work, but a proper display is often quite expensive. Modern iPhones and iPads have spectacular screens, however, and in those displays are a ton of potential for filmmakers. The Accsoon SeeMo acts as a go-between for your camera and iPhone or iPad, allowing you to feed it an HDMI signal from your camera and use it as an on-camera monitor. How does it perform in practice? This great video review takes a look.

Sony ZV-1F Versus Sony ZV-1: Which Is Better?

Sony's recent ZV line of compact cameras has caught many people's attention for a number of reasons, particularly vlogging and video. But which is the best option for you and why?

Everything You Need to Know to Shoot Professional Video on Your iPhone

The iPhone has become a legitimate professional creative tool for many people, and in many situations, it is actually the device of choice for shooting video. Just like any other camera, though, it is important to learn how to get the most out of it to produce your best work. This fantastic video tutorial will show you everything you need to know to produce professional video footage using your iPhone.

DaVinci Resolve Coming Soon to Your iPad

Today, Blackmagic Design announced that its prominent post-production platform, DaVinci Resolve, will now be available on the Apple iPad.

10 Crucial Lighting Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make

While there are a lot of differences between video and photography, one fundamental truth remains: your lighting makes or breaks your creations. And just like photography, there are some common lighting mistakes that new filmmakers tend to make. This excellent video tutorial will show you 10 such mistakes and what you can do to fix them or avoid them in the first place.

Improvised Cinematic B-Roll With Available Lighting

Cinematic footage is a great way to showcase a product and add a level of professionalism to your video work. However, it can be daunting to know where to start, and the options can get expensive. If you want simple and effective ways to up your video b-Roll game without breaking the bank, look no further than this accessible tutorial.

5 Things I Look for in a Cinema Camera

The definition of a “cinema camera” seems to be ever evolving. So what are some of the things that set them apart from mirrorless?

YouTube Reverses Course on Making Users Pay for 4K

Recently, some YouTube users started reporting that their ability to watch 4K videos was hidden behind a premium subscription, leading to outcry. Thankfully, that experiment has been walked back.

How To Set up a Complete Video-friendly Studio Setup for Under $3,000

So many YouTubers are able to project an air of authority with some amazing A-roll setups. While it may seem like you need a dedicated studio space to do so, that's not always the case, as this video shows you how to get a professional look on a budget.

Is YouTube Going to Start Charging Users to Watch Videos in 4K?

Up until now, YouTube users could enjoy all the video features of the site so long as they were willing to sit through ads. That might change soon, as some users have reported that 4K video resolution has been removed as an option unless they pay for the $12 per month Premium subscription.

Everything You Need to Know About Microphone Pickup Patterns

When it comes to video work, while getting good visuals is obviously crucial, you also have to know how to record high-quality audio as well, or the final product will be dragged down. One of the most fundamental and crucial bits of knowledge you will need is how microphone polar response patterns work and which to choose for different situations. This excellent video tutorial will show you what polar response patterns are, the properties of the most common types, and how to pick the right one for a specific scenario.

How to Film and Edit a Vlog Quickly

Many thought vlogging would be a brief trend, but it's safe to say that was not an accurate prediction. Many content creators weave in vlogs as a way of engaging their audience further and more regularly. However, shooting and editing vlogs can be highly time-consuming unless you know what you're doing.

Are You Doing This on Instagram? If Not, You Should Be

Social media sometimes feels like the devil incarnate. But if you're a photographer trying to harness social media for your business or your brand, then you have to play the smart game. For Instagram users, this will help you.

Live-Stream and Switch Between Six Cameras With the Yolobox Pro

I was sent this live production system that doesn’t require anything else to get you streaming six feeds of live camera action to your social video platforms, all at the same time. It’s an encoder, switcher, recorder, and monitor, all in one. You can even insert a SIM card to stream over your mobile network if your destination doesn't have a stable internet connection.

Stream Vertical Video to Instagram and TikTok With the YoloLiv Instream

Yololiv specializes in producing all-in-one devices that allow you to stream, record, and monitor video. The majority of its devices focus on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Recently, the company announced its latest product, the YoloLiv Instream. This device allows you to record, monitor and stream directly to Instagram and TikTok with vertical video.

How You Can Create a Short Film

It might seem to be an easy transition for a photographer to become a filmmaker. At the core of each of these disciplines is storytelling. A photographer tells a story in a single instant captured at the decisive moment, while a filmmaker tells a story over a period of time, often incorporating elements such as editing and sound to help tell that story.

A Beginner's Guide to Aperture in Video

There are certainly a lot of similarities between photo and video, but there are also some fundamental differences you should be aware of to ensure you get the best results. If you are new to video and working on the fundamentals, check out this excellent tutorial that will show you how aperture works in video and how to properly adjust it to get your best results.