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Critique the Community Male Fitness

CTC mens fitness Final
Congratulations to the Winners!

Sometimes photos of ripped men are well shot and are pleasing to look at, sometimes they're not. Listen to Lee Morris and Kieth Bradshaw break down good and bad men's fitness photography in this week's Critique the Community. 

Critique the Community Dogs

Bashing Puppy Pictures with Lee and Pye - CTC E61
Congratulations to the Winners!

With a recent friendly competition between Fstoppers and SLR Lounge, Lee had the chance to meet up with Pye Jirsa to critique 20 images of dogs. Apparently Pye has a soft spot for the furry little beasts. 

Critique the Community Composites

Good and Bad Composite Editing with Josh Rossi - CTC E55
With Josh Rossi
Congratulations to the Winners!

Compositing is a nuanced photographic skill that requires a practiced eye to do well. Thankfully, we had a master of compositing join us to provide some amazing feedback in this episode of Critique the Community, Josh Rossi. Do you agree with his and Lee's critiques?