Peak Design, Sony, and BorrowLenses Offer Gear Grants for Black Photographers

Peak Design, Sony, and BorrowLenses Offer Gear Grants for Black Photographers

Applications are open for grants worth over $3,500 in gear for up to 3 Black photographers and filmmakers based in the U.S. via companies Peak Design, Sony, and BorrowLenses.

In response to Peak Design's recent request, L. Renee Blount wrote a piece discussing the role of photography and brands in promoting outdoor inclusivity and challenged outdoor brands to "lower the barrier" if we wanted to see more people of color in outdoor photography. So Peak Design got in touch with Sony and BorrowLenses to put together gear grants for up to three Black U.S.-based photographers and filmmakers.

Peak Design discuss why they chose to limit the grants to Black photographers:

Black people are certainly not the only population underrepresented in the photography, filmmaking, and outdoors industries. But the history, contexts, and systems that created inequity for Black people in these industries are specific, unique, and not shared by all underrepresented people. At Peak Design, we believe that to promote inclusivity is to not be colorblind, but rather understand and counteract the barriers faced by specific groups of people. These grants are exclusive to Black photographers and not all photographers for the same reason we say “Black lives matter” and not “all lives matter.”

They continue to point out that although they're a global brand, they only have the option to ship the prizes within the U.S., and not internationally. Peak Design are encouraging all Black photographers to enter an application, regardless of whether they feel their portfolio is unique, or polished enough, as a body of work will be only one part of the consideration for the grant. If you are successful you'll be getting a gear grant that includes the following:

  • Sony Alpha a7III Mirrorless Camera with 28-70mm Lens
  • Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod
  • 2 Peak Design Everyday Bags of choice
  • Peak Design Tech Pouch
  • Peak Design Slide Lite, Leash, and Cuff straps
  • Peak Design Capture Clip
  • BorrowLenses $250 gift card

To apply for the grant click here, or head to the announcement webpage. The application window starts August 18th and ends September 1st, with winners announced September 7th. After the winners are announced, all qualified applicants will receive emails with unique one-time-use discounts from both Sony and Peak Design.

Main image by Andrea Piacquadio via

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Jason is an internationally award-winning photographer with more than 10 years of experience. A qualified teacher and Master’s graduate, he has been widely published in both print and online. He won Gold in the Nikon Photo Contest 2018/19 and was named Digital Photographer of the Year in 2014.

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An excellent initiative.

It's racism. How can that be excellent?

You do not understand racism. Go and have some conversations with black people, poc for example and then come back.

I have black people in my family. Have spoken with them for about 25 years now. I was a teacher for 5 years in a neighborhood with lots of immigrants.
I know racism when I see it, and this is most definitely racism. Next time try to use arguments.

Why do ignorant people like you always mention having Black people in their family as a way to convince others as to why it's okay for them to be racist? This initiative is not racism. As a teacher, I am sure that you're familiar with Google. A simply search will fully explain what racism is and how it has created a gap in accessibility to many fields over hundreds of years. Initiatives like this simply work to close the gap. No one says anything when people are allowed to participate in or given access to things that they otherwise would not have because of legacy, generational wealth, and donations. Go educate yourself.

A simple search will teach you that this initiative is racism. If you ignore that basic fact you must be racist yourself. I'm done with racism and racist people like you who make up anything to justify their racism.

If a policeman don't shoot 7 bullets in the back...

"systems that created inequity for Black people in these industries are specific, unique, and not shared by all underrepresented people" : maybe it's because I am European, but I may need more explanations here.

You clearly have internet access. Use Google or go to your local library.

Replace "black" with "white" and you will see why this initiative is racism. Fstoppers should stop supporting racism.

No one has to replace "black" with "white". In the U.S. it has been solely and in some cases only white for centuries.

"Get woke, get broke". How about offering gear grants to talented persons instead. It's what inside that is important. I'm tired of divisive initiatives and the people that promote them!

Doesn't fit today's narrative. Talent is so old school.

oh you mean the "divisive initiatives" the US supported for nearly 200 years. Yeah it's about time we stop those!
I would have hoped that your feelings of being excluded based on your skin color would have lead to feelings empathize and realize the needs for such programs because groups of people have dealt with the same for generations. But then again most people can’t see past themselves to give a shit.

Well said. My initial reaction was "aw, no fair" until I realised "oh, that's what that feels like....damn"

Fight racism with more racism. Great idea....

Joroen if you think this is a form of racism you truly have no idea what racism and its affects are.

Lol, an empty answer. Breyn if you think this isn't a form of racism you truly have no idea what racism and its affects are.

"How about offering gear grants to talented persons instead." Go talk to your racist white counterparts about that. As they have been purposely withholding opportunities in education, housing, and employment from non-white people, especially Black people, for centuries.

sometimes talent isn't enough, you need the opportunity. if you don't believe there are "systems that created inequity for Black people" look at this article. would be great if they conducted a similar probe on the photo industry.

This is absurd. If this isn't racist in its planning I don't know what is.

Well, you must not know what it. Because this is not racists. Google will serve your well, or your local library.