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Update: We just extended the submission date to August 17th to allow new users to upload their own images.

In this Critique the Community, we want to see your best Artificial Intelligence Art created by any online AI algorithm. This could be Mid Journey, Dall-E 2, Nightcafe, Starry AI, or any others out there. AI Art has been making a huge splash the last few months and we are interested to not only see what you guys have been creating but also talk about how it might be changing and shaping the creative world in the near future.

All members of the community can submit up to 3 entries and they can be focused on anything you can imagine. We will be picking our favorite 10 or so images to critique in the next Fstoppers Live Critique the Community. The highest-rated image and one random image will be chosen to get a free tutorial from the Fstoppers Store

To watch the live critique, make sure you are subscribed to the Fstoppers Live Youtube channel. 

Featured Mid Journey Art by Patrick Hall (prompt a science fiction city from the future with flying cars and robot humans)

  • Submission Deadline: Wed, 17 Aug 22 18:00:00 +0000

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Thomas Herbst's picture

One application where I could see AI art being beneficial is when any artist, not just photographers, may have a general concept, theme, or message in mind but are missing the vision on how to put it together or conceptualize the final product. AI may offer a way through simple keywords which represent certain aspects you want the image to have to incorporate these ideas quickly. The AI image will hopefully then provide a better idea to the artist of what they do or do not want. It also cannot be said then that the concept was copied or is derivative because it's inspiration, that is the AI image, was produced by the artist (quickly and uniquely at that).

Lee Morris's picture

The issue is when the AI can create better art than the artist, what's the point in making it yourself.

Blake Johnson's picture

I mean AI doesnt have the idea to combine words that mean something to a person. yet. Ive rerun some of the 1st prompts I made and they now turn out very different. As things change im hoping it becomes like a machine with many intentional levers and 1 big lever for chaos.

Leslie Eagle's picture

I've been generating Fractals for years. People forget that machine generated art isn't new. I consider it making art where my mind has a concept and my inputs, be they mathmatical or text strings, are my tools or "paint brushes." I don't expect the results to be photo realistic (yet because of the limitations of the tools) and I frequently like the surreal results and intentionally trigger it. AI is exceptionally good at fantasy art, putting things together that simply don't exist in real life. Which people have also done for years using other software tools like PhotoShop.

I'm an old school B&W film photographer who was one of the last hold outs to digital photography. Had my own darkroom. Traditionalst. But over the years I've adapted my thinking, using the tools that are available to create new images. I was never a stellar photographer and It's unlikely I'll be stellar at AI art either because it's still me. I create and then choose my favorites the same way I did when taking 600 digital images or 36 film or generating 10 iterations of a concept in AI. It's not going to make me a better artist. Just different.

Leslie Eagle's picture

Idk. As an example I loaded two images of a concept. The raw image I thought was great at the time and the result of AI using the same photo, same concept.

Both are my creations. Neither are mind blowing but I tend to favor how the AI interpreted my concept.

These are the only two images in my gallery. I suppose the AI one doesn't belong on this site. I just uploaded it as an example due to this conversation.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Damn, a lot of these can be wall art. Pretty fancy.

Hector Belfort's picture

After playing around with it for a while this is my personal opinion on it (Not designed to influence anyone else). Firstly its amazing. How so few words can create images is amazing. Its' very clever. I think the images at first view look great, especially when scaled up a bit. It's a bit like candy floss. After initially tasting great, it starts to be become sickly sweet and lacking in some way. Alot of the images created in Midjourney are nightmarish, they feel cold and distorted. When you look closely at the images they are all slightly wrong. Bits in the wrong places, faces especially are not quite right, noses in particular. I find it cold and unsatisfying, sort of icky. It's only going to get better. I'd say eventually it will do near realistic photographs too. I think I will end up old fashioned and prefer the real thing even if its not as complex or imaginative. It will feel more real and have a soul of some sort

Ruth Carll's picture

I agree

Ruth Carll's picture


Ruth Carll's picture


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