Learn the Nuances of Headshots and Lighting from Peter Hurley this Black Friday

Learn the Nuances of Headshots and Lighting from Peter Hurley this Black Friday

Peter Hurley is a master of headshot photography with his ability to connect with clients and draw out the most flattering poses from his subjects. This Black Friday, Fstoppers is discounting all of Peter Hurley's tutorials. See the details below or visit the Fstoppers Store to see every deal being offered during the holiday season. 

Peter Hurley was the first photographer to work with Lee Morris and Patrick Hall on an Fstoppers Tutorial. In "The Art Behind the Headshot," Peter teaches the fundamentals of getting a great look out of people in front of your camera.  This week only, get this course for only $100 by using code BF2018 at checkout.

To really master photography you must understand and master lighting your subject. In "Illuminating the Face" Peter teaches a variety of lighting techniques and shows what is possible with just about every lighting modifier on the market. Save $100 this week by using code BF2018.

After years of shooting over 20,000 headshots and teaching thousands of photographers, Peter produced "Perfecting the Headshot" which offers insight into all of Peter's techniques and strategies to get the perfect headshot out of ever subject. Save $50 this week by using code BF2018.

You can also save on more than one of these tutorials by purchasing the bundle packs available on each sales page.

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Henk Neuhoff's picture

I am trying to buy "The Art behind the Headshot" which is at "$100 for this week only" but after applying the BF2018 code it gives $50 off and is still at $250?

David Strauss's picture

Hi Henk,
Could you double check that you dont have another item in your cart, perhaps "Perfecting the Headshot" which is only $50 off?

Johnny Rico's picture

Opener image looks underexposed, or am I just blind?

Motti Bembaron's picture

It's not, it's a well done low key shot. Nice shadow graduation and good eye contact. I personally like that kind of a head shot.

The background on the left side needs to be cleaned a bit though.