Robotic Explorer Captures Incredible 4K Footage of Deep-Sea Creatures in Unexplored Ningaloo Canyons

As the narrator describes in the video, what's amazing is that prior to this, no human eyes have ever seen this piece of the ocean floor. I was immediately hooked by the immense beauty as soon as I saw the first creature. 

First of all, the quality of the video is simply fantastic. I know that this isn't always important, but it really does help a great deal, especially when you want to see lots and lots of detail. Even if this video didn't have the kind of quality it offers, the content itself is, as quoted in the video description, "just stunning." My favorite part of the video is seeing the sea cucumber, because at a distance, it seems it's covered in hair; however, as the video zooms in, you notice that it's not hair and instead, it's a huge number of Hydroids. 

The remotely operated vehicle, or ROV for short, used to capture the footage is named SuBastian. This explorer can go to depths as deep as 4,500 m, at which point the pressure would be far beyond anything anyone could handle. At such depths, sunlight is probably not going to be any help whatsoever. For this reason, SuBastian is also loaded up with lighting equipment, which as you can see from the video, is a huge help. You can learn more about the explorer using the link here.

I find it quite incredible that we're able to witness such wonders, even during this lockdown. I highly recommend that you spend the next few minutes and enjoy the video. It's not very often that we are treated to such mesmerizing beauty. 

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Usman Dawood is a professional architectural photographer based in the UK.

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