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5 Ways to Become More Creative in 2022

The last two years have been anything but normal, and it has been easy to be derailed creatively amidst all the uncertainty. If you are feeling a bit lost and wondering how you can get back on track, check out this fantastic video that discusses five ways one photographer is going to increase his creativity in 2022.

Coming to you from Jim Nix, this great video discusses ways in which one can invigorate their creativity. Creativity is at the core of photography, no matter what genre you shoot, and it is crucial to give it the same kind of attention you would to technique and post-processing. Creativity often gets thought of as some sort of mystical thing that comes and goes and is completely out of our control, but it is absolutely something we can practice, hone, and maintain, and just like any other skill, it is best maintained by consistent practice. This can be as simple as taking your camera out for a short walk every day and trying to make one good picture or challenging yourself to shoot in a genre or using a method you haven't before. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Nix. 

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