Eight Tips to Improve Your Urban Lifestyle Photography

Urban lifestyle photography has seen a surge in popularity in the last 10 years, particularly with the rise of Instagram. Here, COOPH give eight tips for improving your urban lifestyle shots.

One of my favorite genres to browse on Instagram is street photography, particularly street style portraits. I've always felt at home in the city and with a plethora of vibrant and diverse backdrops and props at anyone's disposal, it makes for an excellent stomping ground for photographers.

In this video, COOPH offer eight tips to massage your creative mind for those interested in creating some urban lifestyle imagery. For me, I've always seen one of the greatest appeals of the cities to be the range of light on offer. You can shoot during harsh light for those incredible high contrast black and white images made famous by street photographers over the last hundred years. Then, when the sun goes down, you can revert to utilizing the artificial lights everywhere you look, like the neon signs as suggested in the video. In fact, combining two of the tips in this video — windows and neon lights — can create some special results, but will take a fair bit of trial and error. That said, few images play more in to the hands of cinematic color grading than those.

What's your favorite urban image that you've taken? Share in the comments below.

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