This Ansel Adams Documentary Is a Comprehensive and Fascinating Look at the Master Photographer

I think few people will deny that Ansel Adams was one of the most influential and important photographers ever, his work enduring as a portfolio of striking examples of mastery of the medium. This excellent documentary takes a deep look at his life and work.

I've always found something inscrutably and endlessly fascinating about Adams' photographs, something that went beyond their technical mastery and created works of art that were affecting on a deep level, communicating the sheer breadth and power of nature in a way that left the viewer moved by their raw emotive capabilities. This fascinating documentary examines not only his work and what made it so enduringly effective, but also his personality, work habits, and the way photography intertwined with his life, including the hardships he faced in trying to be financially successful at a time when it was particularly difficult to do so as a photographer. It's fascinating to hear that such a remarkable talent often couldn't even afford to go on trips to shoot at new locations, and yet, he persevered to become the legend he is today. The documentary is definitely evening length, but it's well worth watching all the way through.

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Nigel Danson's picture

Great find - one to watch tonight

Absolutely brilliant look at Adams career. I'd not seen this one before.
Those sections of the film where Stieglitz is repeatedly stunned by the brilliance of Adams photographs are quite breathtaking.

One can only imagine being Adams, and having Stieglitz, the man who it could be argued "made" photography into an accepted art form - repeatedly tell him that his were some of the very best photographs he'd ever seen ... it would have humbled Adams beyond words.

And as always for those who choose to view photography as an art form on par with any other art form, Szarkowski's deep grasp (deeper than most, certainly my own) of photography is extremely refreshing to view.

Best Ansel Adams doc I've ever seen.

Stieglitz was never humbled by anybody.

But your specialty is to troll mindlessly and endlessly ... so I'm hardly surprised to see you here!

Go take pictures Bob ... get off the internet!!

You fellas are SUPER interesting.