Becoming a Better Photographer Takes Time and Commitment

There have never been more readily available, high-quality resources out there for anyone with a camera to learn to become a photographer, and yet, becoming truly proficient is something that can't be rushed. This great video essay talks about why it takes time to become a great photographer.

Coming to you from Sean Tucker, this excellent video talks about how the process of becoming a talented photographer requires a heavy commitment of time. I think it's easy, particularly in today's world of advanced technology and readily available knowledge, to think there are shortcuts to mastering the craft. And certainly, it's easier than ever before to learn efficiently, but being able to quickly get the EXIF data of a great shot and being able to arrive at the intersection of creative thinking, experience, and technical wherewithal to produce such a shot yourself are two vastly different things, and I often see people who are frustrated that they can't make that leap quickly by attempting to mimic a great photographer. Take the time to learn, make mistakes, and grow, and you'll absolutely be rewarded for your commitment down the road. Check out the video above for more of Tucker's thoughts on the subject. 

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more youtube videos. hmm.. no real articles anymore? its just copy paste?

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You just got a lesson, too bad you missed it

I can have ENDLESS "lessons" on youtube. if FS is going this route, its a shame. I come here to not go to youtube. I dont trust youtube with content. I dont know who these people are. I do trust FS content.

this video is less relevant to me as I passed this staged when I started shooting weddings 12 years ago. I still feel I have a desire to learn and tweak my skills and at every event I shoot I try something different. I did look through the video shortly but again, its not aimed at me.

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You may not trust YT content, but you can trust the YT videos FS features, as part of our job is to choose the best content out there to feature. Also, you can view our original content here:

good. I bookmarked that and will load that page instead of the

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Some youtubers you guys share are highly ...questionable. Chris Hau, Sorelle, Matti, Peter Mckinnon (although you seem to be off the trends of the ladder).

There are some great creators you guys share as well, but trusting the brand to put forth the best content sometimes deserves a little scrutiny.

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Seems to be a trend at FS these days

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Another excellent, inspiring video from Sean Tucker. Thanks for that Alex!

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Thanks for posting this video. it was something I really needed to listen to.