Better Headshots in Three Minutes: Five Tips From Peter Hurley

If you’re looking for your clients to walk away with imagery they think is top notch, it’s a good idea to understand how they see themselves in front of the lens. Peter Hurley gives us a quick rundown of tips and tricks to create headshots that will resonate with the tagline: "Confidence and Approachability."

From B&H Photo comes this quick tips video featuring Hurley and his signature style. There’s a whole lot more to headshot photography than can be covered in three minutes, but Hurley gives us a great introduction on eliciting a reaction from our clients in front of our cameras. We all have worked with that person who hates how they look in every photograph, but what if we can create a better feeling for the person being photographed that helps them love the images before they see them? The way Hurley interacts with clients is one of his stand-out traits that lets him create work and show clients that they can be exceptional whether or not they are in front of his camera. 

As photographers, we are creating more than an image of our clients in a single moment. For headshot photography, we are really capturing a persons ambitions, emotions, and experiences in a flattering way. That essence of who a person is sometimes takes a bit of coaxing to bring out to the world, which Hurley has made a living at since the early 2000s. 

If you’re looking at expanding into headshot photography, check out the newest tutorial from Fstoppers and Peter Hurley: "Perfecting The Headshot".

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Peter is a class act. Thanks for the share.